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Monday, February 28, 2011

Have You Been Selfish Today?

Hey there,

How’s your day going? Did your day start well? About like this:
            Dear God,
            So far today
            I’ve done all right.
            I haven’t gossiped;
            I haven’t lost my temper;
            I haven’t lied or cheated.
            I haven’t been greedy, grumpy,
            Nasty, selfish, or over-indulgent.
            I am very thankful for that.
            But in a few minutes, Lord,
            I’m going to get out of bed,
            And from then on, I’m probably
            Going to need a lot more help!


And Amen! Sometimes when we plant our feet on the floor first thing in the morning the world smacks us up side of the head. The to-do list from yesterday isn’t finished and today’s list has to be added to it. What to think about doing first?

When someone complains about their lot in life I’ve heard others say that God didn’t promise us a rose garden. Do you want a rose garden? Sure, the aroma is bliss, the colors are pleasing, and the petals feel like pure velvet. But during admiration of our roses we sometimes forget to watch out for the thorns mixed among the beauty.

That’s a little like life. We coast along while all things are good and then we hit a stumbling block. It’s one step forward and two steps backward. Enough to make a person feel like a failure and want to just give up.
  • "Failure is not falling down but refusing to get up.” —Chinese Proverb
So, every morning let’s put our feet on the floor and get going. So what if stuff gets in our way and things don’t go exactly as planned? Spread a smile on your face and keep trying. In what some people call the Love Chapter in the Bible (1 Corinthians 13) the writer mentions three important things—faith, hope, and love. What an endorsement for having hope!
  • How do you motivate yourself to keep going and not give up?

Till next time … keep on smiling.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Are You Ever Disappointed?

Are You Ever Disappointed?

Are you ever disappointed? What brings you down? If you’re a stay-at-home mom is it too much bickering or crying children? If you’re a mom who also works outside the home does your disappointment come from never having any time for you? If you’re a guy and work more hours than the money compensates you for, does that bring you disappointment you can’t shake? Are you disappointed if you’re a single looking vainly for your soul mate? If you’re a writer do those rejection letters get your down? Some of us could probably say “Of ccurse” to all those situations.

The list could go on and on. And there are no easy answers to relieve disappointment. Having hope may not work miracles but it sure won’t hurt and usually improves our attitude; and that’s not a bad thing when you’re in a slump. When you’re in the doldrums try to turn your frowns upside down into smiles and hold on to a little hope that things might get better.  

  • “If you can't see the bright side of life, polish the dull side.” –Author Unknown
Speaking of disappointment, there were a few (no, several) times I almost gave up on doing a blog. You might ask, “Then why are you doing one?” I’m a writer. Those in-the-know in the writing industry say writers should have a blog through which they can interact/converse with their readers. Many times in the last week I’d actually just lean my forehead against my desk top and wonder what in the world I was doing. No, I didn’t bang my head, but I was tempted. My first blog post was surely not too big of a disaster and improvement will come with each succeeding one.

If I’ve set this up correctly, at the end of each blog post you will have an opportunity to leave a comment by clicking the word “comment.” I’ll read them all and respond when appropriate. Oh, but please be kind in your comments, especially here at first when I’m still trying to figure out what I’m doing...only kidding. I know I’ll make mistakes and the best thing I can do about them is to smile, release them, and try to do better.

And by the way, the girl in the photo on the left standing on the beach is me. No, no, that’s not really me. Just wishing it was me there on the beach soaking in the beauty.

  • How do you look on the bright side of things when things aren't going your way?

Till  next time … keep on smiling.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Can This Writer Write a Blog?

Hey there,

….you with the ***** in your eyes………No, no. That’s a song. This is supposed to be a blog. And I say “supposed to” because this is my very first blog. And let me tell you, the learning curve was steep trying to get this thing up and going. You know, when setting up this blog the first thing they wanted from me was a title for the blog. A title? I didn’t even know what I was going to write about. My first mistake.

So I backed away from the computer and put on my thinking cap. What did I want to share with you? A reviewer of one of my books said the book “offered spiritual tonic and hope.” That’s it…I’ll talk about hope. That’s almost as important as breathing. But I don’t want to be too serious in my blog posts so I added the word smile and came up with the title: Scattering  Hope … With a Smile.

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Not many things around us are free. But having hope is free.
And having hope is a decision. It’s easy to let circumstances get you down (and keep you down) but having hope will help brighten up things a bit. Instead of focusing on the things around you that are bad, think about all the good things—all those little blessings we take for granted. Like the beauty we can see out our window, the innocence of little children, food on our table, and a pillow for our head at night. Whether you have any of those little things, you can be grateful for each day and try to do your very best to help make someone else’s day better.

My daddy was patriotic and positive-thinking. He told me, “When you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours.” Simple. Try it. More times than not your smile will put one on the other person’s face and might help them bear whatever burdens they’re carrying.

I plan to drop by here a couple of times a week. As things shake out, I’ll tell you the definite days. Meet me here and we’ll talk about simple things that bring hope and joy.

  • What are you hoping for?

Till next time…keep on smiling.