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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sugar and Spice...

On a Splenda artificial sweetener packet I read this:

  • “Writing, ‘Be sweet to others’ on your To-Do list means nothing unless you can check it off at the end of the day.”

Of course that’s the same with anything we write on our list of things we plan to get done. But “Be sweet to others”—how do we do that and what connection does that have with hope?

Sometimes we find it difficult to be sweet to the unsweet. Here are some suggestions: We could sincerely compliment that rebellious teenager and shock her socks off. There’s surely something we could say even if it’s just to mention that her new shampoo sure does smell good. We could try commenting on the good hair cut our significant other has. Even with check-out clerks and bag boys, we can find a little something sincere to say to them—we like their lipstick color, their shirt.

Any sincere compliment has the power to boost someone’s self-esteem, which in turn may lift their spirits and give them hope that the rest of the day won’t be so bad. We all enjoy compliments given in the right manner. Makes us feel better, sparks a little more spring to our step and certainly causes us to appreciate the one giving the compliment.
  • What do we live for, if not to make the world less difficult for each other?”  –George Eliot
  • What have you done lately to make someone’s day better?

Till next time … keep on smiling.

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