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Monday, May 9, 2011

Chocolate for Mother's Day?

Did everyone have a good Mother’s Day yesterday? Did you get gifts you expected? I hope so.

However, if you got your favorite cologne eventually it will be used up and disappear. A box of chocolates will disappear even quicker. Flowers are beautiful and fill the room with aromas but their beauty soon fades. Gifts of clothes will last the longest but they also will have a life of a few years and be gone.

In my office nook I have a gift I’ve had for around thirty-five years and it looks as good as it did the Mother’s Day my tween daughter gave it to me. It’s a “Little Gallery” by Hallmark in a genuine walnut frame that sets on any flat surface. The oval picture mounted on the frame is of a small girl on tiptoe looking into a bird’s nest with a small bluebird perched on her hand. The verse underneath the picture is, “A Mother is the nicest friend you can have.”

I recall times in the teenage years that I’m sure the verse didn’t apply, but I kept the little frame sitting out anyway. And it still sits near my writing desk. I don’t need it as a reminder; we are fortunate that our two grown children live in our town and we talk by phone almost every day. The friendship with both of them remains a strong bond between them and me.

I hope you had the luxury of having your children, whatever their age, with you yesterday. Or maybe you had a phone call that connected you with them for a little while. Motherhood is not always easy or simple and Mother’s Day makes one day a year special for mothers. And remember, once a mother always a mother; the stages of the children and their need for you just change.

What are some gifts you've received that stayed around; were permanent? I'd love to hear about them.
Till next time ... keep on smiling.

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