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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Two Steps (or more) Behind

Frustrated is a mild word for my state of mind right now. It takes a good while for me to learn something new in today’s technology. I half-way learn one thing with the good help of friends and then I have to tackle another new thing. I’m trying to publish a Kindle ebook. Someone smarter than I am formatted my Word document for me so I’m pretty sure that part was done correctly.

Went through all the hoops, giving info, loading the cover, then the book. They say converting to Kindle was successful and gave me the option of previewing my book. I did. I’m glad I was sitting down. I found 63 blank pages and they justified the right margin which (I think) caused 111 hyphenated words in mid-sentences. I’m positive we did not submit a document right justified.

What’s a body to do? I’ve emailed their help contact address. Sure do hope they answer me quickly. Worst case is that I will have to start again from square one.

I’m a few steps behind all this technology and fighting a continual battle to catch up. So I’m literally walking away from this project until I hear from them. Then I may work on it some more … or not.

Do you get frustrated, angry, mad, whatever, with computer technology?  What do you do to get past that? Any techno suggestions to help me get caught up with the times? Sorry I'm too agitated to find pretty pictures and wise words from someone about this topic. Will let you know how/when all this gets resolved.

Till next time … keep on smiling. (I hope I can!)

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