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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Who is John Locke?

John Locke is a New York Times best selling author. In June 2011 he became the first self-published author in history to have sold one million ebooks. He sells all his ebooks for 99 cents. “And John Locke isn’t thinking about raising his prices any time soon. ‘This is the price that brought me to the dance,’ he told the Wall Street Journal reporter, adding that he made $126,000 from Amazon in a single month.” (online source) 

John Locke is successfully riding the wave of the ebook explosion. Everyone in the book publishing industry has an opinion about ebooks—for or against. Some of these opinions are shared on blogs, some have not been voiced. Amazon is selling slightly more ebooks than their paper books. Barnes and Noble also is selling more ebooks than paper books.

If you are technology minded, you can format your manuscript to the requirements of the ebook publisher you’re working with, design an attractive, attention-getting cover, and then submit it. The ebook publisher will do whatever they do to convert your manuscript to an ebook and voilĂ , you can sell your ebook online.

I plan to convert a couple of my out of print books. I’ve read the instructions for formatting my document for Kindle and also for Smashwords. It doesn’t sound easy to me but I’m moderately technology challenged; I’ve hired someone for help. Neither company gives your work a professional edit.

Smashwords gives readers a choice of downloading for whatever reader they have. They also give you the choice to download a book in Kindle for PC—using Amazon’s free app you can download Kindle books to your computer and read them on your screen.

We can’t all duplicate John Locke’s mega-success with our ebooks; then most of us can’t do so with traditionally published books. Ebook authors are pleased they can bypass all  the book industry's gatekeepers and have more control over the fate of their writing.

Are you thinking about publishing your books into ebooks? Why or why not? Have you already done so; was it a good experience and would you do it again?

Till next time ... keep on smiling.

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