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Monday, September 12, 2011

Do You Use a Smartphone?

Monday Musings on This ‘N That

I struggle with all things technical. Okay, my cell phone has been turning itself off on its own. It would go out when I was having a call, when I was setting my clock for a time to remind me of something, and when I would open it to make a call it would have turned itself off while in my pocket.

I needed a new cell phone. I’ve been qualified for an upgrade for some time and as my outages with my current phone became more and more frequent I gave in. I’d go to AT&T’s phone place and get a new cell phone.

I didn’t want a smartphone. I’m not smart enough to do what all they can do. And I don’t want to learn. I only wanted a cell phone that I could use to make calls and photos. Period. My granddaughter wanted me to get a phone so that we could text. No, thank you.

I knew what brand I wanted because my first cell phone was trustworthy and I’d decided to get that brand again. I told the young man I wanted an LG cell phone. As I followed him, I noticed he passed walls and walls of phones. Finally we reached the smallest wall display in the store and he pointed to one phone and said here’s an LG. The phone didn’t appear to be a flip phone, which is what I was used to. I told him I wanted a flip phone.

Guess what? He said they’re not really making many flip phone styles anymore. He had two flip phones in the store and neither was my preferred brand. He had only one LG phone in the store and it came in one color—black. ONE. All the phones in this area appeared to be ones where part of the phone would slide to uncover the number pads.

So, they didn’t have a flip phone in my brand and had only one in my brand to choose from. That’s like a shoe store having your size in only one style, one color. Choosing from several styles and colors is the fun of shopping isn’t it, ladies?

I told the young man I would take the LG. As he was going toward the stock room to see if they had one, I called after him, telling him if they had one in red to please bring it to me. He didn’t reply. He didn’t even chuckle or smile. So now I have a black LG "slide" cell phone, which is probably the last one of its kind; by the next time I upgrade there probably won’t be a cell phone simple enough for me to use.

Christie Brinkley once said she didn’t have an answering machine and didn’t want one. She said if they get me, they get me; if they don't, they don't. Yay, Christie!

Till next time … keep on smiling.

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