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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Why Read a Specific Book

Thursday Thoughts on Reading and Writing

Why do you decide to read a specific book? Is it because of the characters, the plot (story), the settings’ descriptions, the title, the back cover information, and/or the cover?

If you select characters it’s probably because you want to identify with them and their situations. The characters may be attractive, mean, good, old, young, etc. But as strong as you feel that you read a book because of the characters, how important would the characters be if there were no plot/story?

Conversely, if you choose plot or story how can there be a story without characters?

If you choose the settings’ descriptions how could they be important if there were no characters moving around in those settings?

Would you choose to read a book because of the title and/or the cover? Again, without characters moving around in the settings with a storyline, what good would a pretty cover and catching title be to you?

And if you read a book because of the back cover information, you might be disappointed when you get inside the book and there are no characters you can cheer for or against, there is no storyline you like, or the settings’ descriptions are dull.

Deciding to read a book can be looked at through all the above lenses. But the best reason for reading a book is because someone whose judgment you trust told you, “You gotta read this book, it’s great.” That’s called word-of-mouth and it’s the most effective advertising and promotion a writer can hope for. Rob Eagar calls this “WildFire Marketing” because news can spread from person to person like wildfire.

How do authors get positive news about their book to spread like wildfire? They start the news with a number of people they know, their contacts. The author is certain these folks have enjoyed her earlier books or her blog or newsletter or website. When these contacts read the book and like it they will readily pass the word to others; and those will pass the word to still others. Like a spreading wildfire.

When writing their books, authors must, of course, pay attention to the characters they create, their plot/storyline, settings’ descriptions, cover, title, and back cover information. They must do effective advertising to get the word out about the book. They must write the best book they can and when you read and like the book, please help the author with “wildfire marketing.”

What was the last book you read that you recommended to someone? Why?

Till next time ... keep on smiling.

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