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Thursday, October 13, 2011

eBook Frenzy

Thursday Thoughts on Reading and Writing

I've jumped on the band wagon of eBooks and e-readers! I’ve published two of my out-of-print books into eBooks: Amen and Good Morning, God and Amen and Good Night, God. Both books are now listed for sale at $0.99 (the lowest price they allow) at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

I am not a techie and don’t have much ability with technical procedures. But the talk was that it was easy to put out an eBook. A Kindle (an Amazon product) was the big kid on the block so I thought I’d start this adventure with them. After reading all the instructions to convert by books into Kindle books, I had second thoughts. Several places recommended starting with eBooks at an online company called Smashwords (at that time Smashwords was publishing in all eBook format except Kindle).Their instructions were less technical but still I couldn’t see myself doing this.

But Mark Coker, the boss man at Smashwords has a list of people who will do the formatting and book covers for you. All I had to do was send my book manuscripts in a Word document and they would convert them into the correct format that I could submit to Smashwords. Yay! I could do that. So I chose Bryan Coker (email him here) to do my formatting and Miss Mae (email her here) to do my books’ covers. They were so patient with me and we got everything ready for me to submit to Smashwords.

Next, I wanted to try to get my books into Kindle format. I wanted help again and I found Ellen Maze (email her here) who formatted my books’ Word documents into Kindle and Nook (Barnes & Noble) specifications. Ellen does covers but I already had covers. I would highly recommend Bryan Coker, Miss Mae, and Ellen Maze if you want help making an eBook. If you contact them, you may use my name if you’d like.That won't get you a nickel but they will know where you heard of them. Each of them had reasonable rates for their services.

In the book publishing business everyone is talking about eBooks. More and more people are purchasing e-readers. The “experts” are predicting and speculating how the future of book publishing will be affected by all this; but most of them agree that eBooks will bring a change. According to Amazon, et al it’s already changed. This eBook thing has really caught on.

Converting an out-of-print book into an eBook and converting a novel you have written that’s never been published are on two different ends in this eBook spectrum. This is a great opportunity for authors who have out-of-print books, which have already had a thorough edit at the publishing house that originally released the books. If I wanted to convert a book manuscript that I had written but it hadn’t been published and therefore had not been professionally edited, I would hire a professional editor to give it an edit before I started any formatting for an eBook.

If you read either of my two eBooks and like them, I’d appreciate it if you’d write a review of the book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, or on both. Thanks in advance.

Have you ventured into the eBook waters? Is so, how was your experience in doing that? Think you would do it again?


  1. I have been contemplating ebooks. I'm glad you mentioned hiring an editor for unpublished works. Print on demand has allowed a lot of books on the market that weren't ready for prime time.

  2. Jane, you're so right. Professional editing is so important; not just a read by your family or your critique group. We can catch a lot but those professional editors should catch all mistakes. Thanks for your comment; good luck if you decide to do an eBook.