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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Where’s You Place?

Thursday Thoughts on Reading and Writing
How do you mark the place you stopped reading before you put the book aside?

Some may use:

the receipt  from where they bought the book.
a finger nail file (yes, I did that once when it was the closest thing to grab).
a tissue (yes, I’ve seen that done).
bookmarks they’ve picked up at the library or bookstore.
bookmarks that authors have at book signings.
a business card (done that too).

And (boo, hiss!) some may turn down the top corner of the page where they want to start when they can get back to read the book again. I can’t imagine someone doing that to a book they own; but I’ve seen plenty turned-down corners on library books. That’s not being respectful to the book or the author.

And (boo, hiss!) another thing some do is lay the opened book with print down. I worked in the library in junior high and the librarian would really give a sermon to those who did that. It breaks the spine of the book—that part of the book you see when they’re all lined up on a bookshelf.

I’m on Debbie Macomber’s mailing list. Yearly she sends a long letter and includes a bookmark—shiny on both sides with plenty of information about her books. A friend cross stitched my initials on a bookmark. So I do have a nice supply of beautiful bookmarks. It's difficult to even think about throwing any of then away.

How do you mark your place when you must close a book and return later? Don’t tell me you turn down the corner of the page—please, just don’t tell me.

Till next time ... keep on smiling.

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