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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Who's You?

Thursday Thought on Reading and Writing

I love to read blog posts by Kaye Dacus. She makes me smile, laugh, think, and wonder. She sometimes shares pictures of celebrities she chooses to be characters in her books. On her blog post of October 13, Kaye Dacus asked this question: What actor/actress would you choose to portray you in a movie based on the story of your life?

Rene Russo

Diane Keaton

My answer to that question was:
Rene Russo because she’s who I want to look like—that gorgeous copper-red hair she had in The Thomas Crown Affair. But then Diane Keaton because I love the personality she portrays on screen. Sorry that’s more than one, but put them together and that’s my pick.

So how would you answer that question? Please leave you answer in the comment section.


  1. I would have to choose Diane Keaton.
    I've always respected her since I was a little kid and I've always wanted to know what she was like in real life.
    I guess since there's an age difference in us two, I'm not sure who I'd want to play me in a movie but I would love Diane Keaton to play my Mom.
    She reminds me of my Mom.

  2. T., I'd love to have lunch with Diane Keaton and hope I wouldn't be disappointed in what I found to be her personality. Thanks for your comment.