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Monday, October 10, 2011

Your Greatest Victory and Mine

Monday Musings on This ‘N That

What was your greatest personal victory? Did it happen in high school, in college, in a relationship at any age? Is it something that might not seem huge, but was very important and meaningful to you? If you think your personal victory would seem silly and trivial to others it may be a highlight in your life and therefore not at all trivial or silly to you.

I’ll tell you about something I considered a personal victory to me if you’ll tell me yours. After reading this, do you promise to comment and let us in on your big moment? Promise?

Okay, here it is for me. In high school I was on the girls’ basketball team. Getting selected for the team was of itself a fete. Got issued a uniform—shiny gold in color with big numbers on the back of the shirt. My own number twenty-four!

I had transferred into this high school in the middle of my sophomore year—yes, yet another move of 8 from K-12—in the middle of basketball season. I started playing with the team in my junior year. On the court my specialty was the two-handed jump shot from where the 3-point shots are made today. But then it was only a 2-point shot and I sometimes shot beyond where the 3-point circle is today. And my shots touched nothing but net; I never banked any off the backboard. (No, that's not me in the photo.)

I’m trying to stay humble here, really. But I rarely missed those shots when the other teams’ defense was such that I could get clear. I made them from the top of the key and beyond; from the corners; well, from just about anywhere. BUT I sat on the bench more than I stayed on the court. See, this shot was all I had going for me. I was not aggressive enough to go in and shoot from under the goal.

Anyway, one night I sat on the bench watching the game and trying to learn. Our cheerleaders and fans sat on the opposite side of the gym. Then I heard it. They were chanting my name: “We want Stoney! We want Stoney!” (My maiden name was Stone.) They kept the chanting going till coach put me in.

That night people wanted ME to get into the game! Me, who sat on the bench. Me, who had hardly any self-confidence at that time in my life! I made more shots that night than ever before. My teammates set up screens for me so I could shoot without an opponent in my face. I can still hear the chanting; me going to the scorer’s table and checking in; and then me running onto the court. My shots were flawless.

See, all that may sound silly and unimportant to you, but to me, a high school girl, it was like being crowned Miss America.

So, now it’s you turn to share a little about your greatest personal victory. You promised, didn't you?

Till next time … keep on smiling. 
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