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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Books and eBooks

Thursday Thoughts on Reading and Writing

I wonder how many Kindles, Nooks, and other e-readers were given and received at Christmas. I would guess a lot more people will be looking for books to read on their e-reader.

Did you balk the past few years about the success or failure of eBooks? Before Christmas online bookstores were selling more eBooks than paper books and probably the number of eBooks selling has grown since many folks gifted e-readers. So we probably should give some serious thought to eBooks. Whether or not we think eBooks are here to stay, they are going to change the reading habits of many readers.

Another change we’re seeing is regarding self-publishing. Self-publishing used to be a nasty word that established authors declared they would never do. Most self-publishing and eBooks are now both accepted and respected.

Have you read a self-published book? Did you know it was self-published before you started reading it? I recently read a book self published by the author with Amazon Digital Services. I didn’t see any errors, the cover was beautiful, and the book was bound well.

I keep up with best sellers in USA Today. Lately I’m seeing a scattering of eBooks on their list of the 50 top sellers. Until this year I’d never seen this. Most of the eBooks I see in the USA Today list are published by Amazon Digital Services.

Many published authors are now putting their out-of-print books back on the market via eBooks and also paper books through POD (publish on demand) companies. This probably is a good thing for the author and the reader, introducing new readers to the author’s work.

℮?So, did you get an e-reader for Christmas? Think it will change your reading habits?

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