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Monday, January 23, 2012

Murphy's Law

Monday Musings on This ‘N That

Have you ever noticed this when you and your husband/date/friend/appointment go out to eat? With more empty tables than full tables, inevitably the next customer chooses to sit at the adjacent table! I’ve actually been in a fast food place and was the only seated customer and guess what? You guessed it—the next customer gets their food and sits right next to me.

Another thing that happens to me—when I like a particular place to eat then it goes out of business. That’s understandable within our current economy. But years ago this same thing happened. One restaurant was close to the mall and a favorite of ours because of their great salad bar. Yep. They closed it only to reopen next to the interstate where the traffic is horrible; we don’t go there anymore.

Same thing happens with TV shows I like. Now, I don’t watch much TV AT ALL except the tennis grand slams. So it is rare that I see something advertised in the paper that I’d think I would like. I do and get hooked on it. Then one week I get my popcorn ready and settle in on the couch to watch it but it’s gone. Poof! So there I am with an hour’s worth of popcorn and other snacks and nothing to watch.

I never indulge in more than one TV show in a season. So when it’s cancelled, then I have more time to read. However, I hesitate to read a new book or library copy with buttery popcorn fingers. So I just sit and eat my snacks and think and pray. Some of you may think that’s better than any TV show anyway.

One thing I’m certain of—I will be close to devastated if TNT ever takes off “The Closer.” Now that’s MY show.  Brenda Lee, bless her heart, isn’t she a sweet, tough as nails, kind of woman? I remember the great job she did with her matter-of-fact role in the movie, Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About as Julia Roberts’ sister. When I saw that movie, Kyra Sedgwick had a loyal fan.

Anyway, what is this—Murphy’s Law? "Anything that can go wrong usually will,” or similar wording. When I say Murphy’s Law I always smile because I see the irony and I am a positive thinking person!

So do you notice any of these or other little things that happen around you?

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Till next time ... keep on smiling.

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