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Monday, February 27, 2012

No Bells and Whistles

Mondays Musings on This ‘N That

A nice birthday gift I received is one of those tall insulated carry-around glasses. You know, the ones where a second liquid container in inside the outer container. That way your drink will stay cold/hot for longer. One place I’ll put this gift to good use is watching tennis matches when I don’t want to go to the concession stand and possibly miss a point.

Another place I will use this glass is at the beach. And you know how I love the beach. Just sitting and watching the waves crash onto the sand; sometimes the waves just lap onto the sand.  I won't have to carry a cooler, just my “insulated” glass. It even has my initial “J” prominently on the side.

And, of course I can place it, full of my Sprite, in the car for short or long trips. I’m sure what’s in it will stay cold/hot for a good while. And I can place it on my writing desk and won't have to break my 
concentration by having to go to the kitchen for refreshment.

That’s about it for my use of the birthday gift I received. Doing simple things give me pleasure. I don’t like a lot of bells and whistles on anything around me. (My computer has some, but I only know how to use the basics.) So, tell us about a gift you received and how you put it to use.

Till next time ... keep on smiling.

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