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Monday, February 6, 2012

Questions for God

Monday Musings on This ‘N That

The winners from last Thursday's blog post for a copy of An Amish Family Reunion are Loree and Cindy. Loree, I'll email you to get your mailing address. Cindy, I'll send Mary Ellis your info from your comment and she will be in touch with you. Congratulations to you both.

I don’t understand some godly things. I’m certain if God wanted me to understand ALL His ways it would be written in His word, The Holy Bible.

Something I try not to wonder about, but I can’t help it, I just do: Why do babies and little children become sick, some even severely sick? But again if He wanted me to know the answer to this He would have made it clear in The Holy Bible.

It sure is difficult to witness a small child lethargic with high fever. Those who can’t tell you where they hurt are the saddest cases. They just don’t understand why they can’t run and play as usual.

Sometimes I say the first thing I want to do when I get to Heaven is ask Jesus this question about babies and children getting sick and probably a few more questions. But will I?

In Heaven, because it is a perfect place we won’t be concerned with earthly things. We’ll be busy praising and glorifying God. What a day that will be!

What do you think? Do you have questions for God? But will you forget those questions once you get to Heaven?


  1. I'm thrilled to win a copy of Mary's book! Thank you, and thank Mary!

    I do believe that we are not always meant to know or understand why things happen. I think that God wants us to be more observant and really take a look around us - pay attention to situations.

    The other day, I was talking with a client, and I've known this woman for sometime now. I learned in our conversation that she has a 36 year old mentally disabled son. I didn't know that before. She never let on. It made me think that we don't walk in other people's shoes...we never know the grief, or how hard or some people have just never know.

    1. How true, Loree! I try to curb my critical comments (that so easily can slip out) because I don't know someone else's circumstances. And I often say "if it works for them it doesn't have to work for me." That also helps me shut my mouth before I put my foot in it. Thanks for commenting and for reading my blog!