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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Book Review

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Judy Martin-Urban/Jude Urbanski is a multi-published author writing women's fiction with inspirational romance elements. She also writes nonfiction. Her Southern heritage often shows up in her novels as does her nurse practitioner background. Her strong heroes and heroines spin tragedy into triumph with God's help.

From Amazon summary of the book:
Nurtured in Purple, Book Two in The Chronicles of Chanute Crossing, continues the now-married love story of Seth Orbin and Kate Davidson of Joy Restored, Book One, but nemesis' Willard Wittenberg and Elizabeth Koger come center stage still pursuing personal vendettas against Seth and Kate.

Seth again faces potential loss of wife and child with Kate's life-threatening pregnancy complication, while Willard maneuvers to ruin Seth's business. Willard and Elizabeth, once lovers, engage and marry, but her flame for Seth has never died. Married life proves ragged.

Late-blooming love comes to Ninville Cornelius and Margie Craig and new characters of Ruby Moody, alcoholic wife of a deceased Vietnam vet, and her small son Bobo are introduced.

Can Seth and Kate, modeling God's grace and forgiveness, bring hope and light to Willard and Elizabeth and Ruby and Bobo, all so needy of God's redeeming love?

From Jo:
Nurtured in Purple is a sweet love story but also deals with devious and envious characters. I love that all the characters are mature in their relationships. One couple, however, deals with a lack of a strong faith in God. Seth is willing to forgive past negative treatment from the husband in that couple. Seth's strong belief is an important element to others' understanding forgiveness. Memorable characters.

If I had read Book #1 before reading Book #2 I would have better and more quickly understood the relationships among the characters.

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  1. Jo, thanks so much for reviewing Nurtured in Purple and you are so right when you say Seth's strong faith influences so many. He's my favorite character in the series. The flawed characters so easily reflect each one of us and show us God's wonderful grace.