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Monday, June 25, 2012

Four Seasons?

In my neck of the woods the temperatures are closing in on 100 degrees. And this is the earliest, by two weeks, in hurricane season that we've had 4 named tropical storms. The current one is skirting the Gulf coast with some projecting its path as far west as Texas and Mexico while others have it racing toward central Florida.

I have this debate with myself every summer: Would I rather have winter or summer all year around? Of course, I rationalize the situation. In winter I can wear layers of clothing and remove some if the day warms. In the summer I begin the day with only one layer of clothes so there are no layers to remove to cool down.

My ideal weather would be about 75 degrees year round. Yes, I could do without seasons. After all, I can read about seasons in books and be satisfied. I enjoy going to the beach in early May and again after Labor Day in September and early October. I can enjoy the ocean view, hear the calm waves lap onto the sand, and bask in the temperate climate. I can also get fresh seafood of one kind or another whenever I go.

I've lived as far north as Kentucky and also in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. So I've had all of the cold weather and snow that I ever want to see again. I know, I know, you may live where the thermometer never reads above freezing in the winter and I truly hope you enjoy it. I lived a year in a place like that, atop a mountain. We used the air conditioning one time the whole summer. The people there were precious but I didn't enjoy the cold weather. I wouldn't want those cold days again.

Having lived in the South as long as I have now, I'm not sure my blood could adjust to colder temperatures anymore. Is that possible? In my mind it is.

What would be your ideal weather? And where would you like to be to enjoy it?

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Till next time ... keep on smiling.


  1. I enjoy it being sunny and in the 70's - no humidity.

    I can enjoy this weather anywhere!

    1. Loree, I'm with you but do prefer at the beach. Thanks for being in touch by leaving your comment.