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Monday, June 4, 2012

Trying to Sleep

Monday Musings on This 'N That

I'm getting over a small health thing. I've had to have lots of best rest. I can hear you saying, "Oh, I wish that somebody would tell me to stay in bed all day." Well, no, you don't wish that if you know pain goes with it.

Anyway, last Saturday morning when even the not-sick folks like to sleep in, noise awoke me way before I intended to awake. The noise was lawn caring equipment. How can something like that happen? Does nobody give a thought of others around them? No compassion at all?

I can understand those getting their yard work done early on Saturday. But this was not early. It was early-early. You may say, "You surely already knew how inconsiderate some people have become." Well, I've heard other people complain about a lot of things except loud machinery on a Saturday morning.

There's a lot more wrong around us than having to wake up earlier than planned. I would have to agree with that. But, please look around you. Some people still open doors for you to enter or exit stores. Some people still allow you to enter ahead of them into backed up traffic. Some people will allow you and your handful of items to go in front of them and their full buggy at the grocery store.

Most folks grow impatient quickly when they have to stand in line for anything. We live in a college town. One characteristic of a college town is that the college kids don't mind at all standing in line for anything. That's what they do. They have to stand in line for lots of things almost every day on the campus.

So maybe we can learn to be patient by watching the example of college kids. Yes, you may think some of their behavior is unpleasant. But, bless their hearts, most of them are away from Momma and Daddy to watch after them 24/7 and they're trying out their wings. All we can do about that is to pray for them daily. If you don't have any college kids to watch and learn from, take it from me: they can help you have a more patient and unhurried lifestyle.

But loud noises that grab you out of a sweet sleep EARLY in the morning, that's something else! That requires a ton of patience. I'm working on it.

Till next time ... keep on smiling.


  1. I don't often take the time to comment on postings, but I wanted to say one way around that noise is to have some pleasant noise of your own, as in a sound machine on your night stand. I listen to the sounds of soothing rain every night, or even when I take a nap during the day. Awesome. And I have options: the ocean waves, a train, or rain. :-)

    1. Linda, thanks for your comment. It's worth a try. I'll go with the ocean waves...if you read me often, you know that is my most favorite place to be. I appreciate you reading my blog! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I hate waking up when the sun is rising but it's too early and you need either to roll in bed til' the time is right or try hard to fall asleep!