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Thursday, August 16, 2012

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Thursday Thoughts on Reading and Writing

Guest blogger today is Staci Stallings. Welcome, Staci. Staci is a Contemporary Christian author and the founder of Grace & Faith Author Connection. Staci has a special surprise for you today only...

What Box?

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Think outside the box.” Usually this means that the person believes there is a boundary around what you believe you are allowed to think.  They are encouraging you to step outside the boundaries of that box and consider what else might be possible. 

          Well, when it comes to online marketing, I want to take that encouragement a step further.  Your question from now on is “What box?” To put it simply there are no limits to the marketing and networking opportunities offered by the Internet. The only real limits are in your technical know-how (which can be increased) and in your marketing ability to get others to join you.

          With that in mind I want you to do a very simple exercise that opened up doors for me that I didn’t even know where there.  It’s very simple.

          First, take out a sheet of paper and grab a pen. Now, list every element of websites and online marketing that you know.  You need at least ten, but twenty would be great.  Okay, ready?  Go. (Come back for more instructions only when your list is finished.)

          da-da-da-da… (Insert annoying filler music here!)

          You’re back?  So that means you have at least ten elements of marketing on the Internet and preferably twenty.  Right?  If you don’t, get back there and think of some more.

          Okay. I’ll trust that you have your list. Now, take the top element and the second element and think of a way they could be combined to make a unique element.  For example, say this was the start of your list…


          I would take newsletter and link and maybe come up with the idea to include a link in my newsletter to advertise my product. Or maybe that I could use a link on my site to advertise my newsletter.

          Now take the second and third and think of a way they could be combined. Link and your blog. How about devising a quick tagline at the end of each blog with a link inviting people to subscribe to your newsletter?  How about signing up to be an affiliate with products that your blog audience might enjoy (other Christian authors perhaps) and then using a link to their site? 

          The idea is to go down your list doing just this type of no-box thinking. When you get to the bottom, start again at the top using #1 and #3.  Then #1 and #4.  When great ideas hit, sketch them out, write them down. Explain how you could do that to market.

          When I did this exercise, two of mine came up Joint Venture and Other Authors. That’s where the idea to host Virtual Book signings came. 

          Any time you feel blocked in your online marketing attempts, sit down and do this exercise. It will have you asking, “What box?” in no time!

Copyright Staci Stallings, 2005

August 16
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