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Monday, October 8, 2012

This 'n That

Monday Musings on This 'N That

I want to share with you today some verse that I tucked away some fifty years ago in a small notebook and found a few days ago. I hope some will make you think and I'm almost sure some will make you smile.

"Psychiatrists say that girls tend to marry
men like their fathers. Now we know why
mothers cry at weddings."
Changing Times magazine

"It is my joy in life to find 
At every turning of the road
The strong arm of a comrade kind
To help me onward with my load.
And, since I  have not gold to give 
And love alone must make amends
My only prayer is, while I live,
God, make me worthy of my friends."
Frank D. Sherman

"Life is like an onion; you peel it off one layer
at a time, and sometimes you weep."
Henry David Thoreau


"Remember that life is made up of loyalty:
loyalty to your friends; loyalty to things
beautiful and good; loyalty to the country in
which you life; and, above all, for this holds
all other loyalties together, loyalty to God."
Queen Mary to her granddaughter,
Queen Elizabeth II of England

"Too poor to paint and too
proud to whitewash."
"Beverly Hillbillies" TV


"I will govern my life and my thoughts, as if
the whole world were to see the one and
to read the other."

"Keeping house is like stringing beads
with no knot in the end of the string."
Citizen-Journal newspaper
Arlington, Texas

"The miserable have no other medicine
but only hope."
Claudio in Measure for Measure
III, i, 2

"A husband wants his wife to be
perfect and to understand why he isn't."
Knoxville Journal, TN newspaper

"You may delay, but time will not."
Benjamin Franklin

"And this, too, shall pass."
Favorite of Joanne Woodward

"What is once loved
You will find
Is always yours
From that day.
Take it home
In your mind
And nothing ever
Can take it away."
Elizabeth Coatsworth

"Make the most of yourself, for
that is all there is of you."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Aim above morality. Be not
simply good; be good for something."
Henry David Thoreau

"I would rather walk in the dark with
God Than go alone in the light;
I would rather walk with Him
by faith
Than to walk alone by sight."
Mary Gardner Brainard

I did it! I got my Jamie Lee Curtis haircut and forgot to show y'all my photo. So here's the before and after. Completely not professional photography. Of course I look more pleasant in the before because I'm at my favorite place to be--the beach. I have thick skin so please let me know which you like best, if you want to.



The winner of last Thursday's blog post for a copy of A Heart Made New by Kelly Irvin is Wendy. I'll email you to get your mailing address and get the book out to you. Thanks all for commenting. Watch for more book giveaways.

Till  next time ... keep on smiling.


  1. Thick skin not required - your new haircut looks fabulous! :)

    1. Jes, bless your heart. Thanks for your kind comment. Even for me it's taking a little getting used to. I'll probably let it grow a little bit longer around my ears. Maybe. Thanks again.