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Monday, October 15, 2012

What Season Where You Are?

Monday Musings on This ‘N That

Fall is officially here. More so in some places than in others. It was in the lower 80s here yesterday and calling for the same today. Could this be the global warming some folks talk about? In my youth I spent a lot of time in the Smoky Mountains and the leaves changing color for fall was a treat for eyes to behold.

Of course in New England the leaves are probably already showing themselves. I would love to go up and see them, but I’m a chicken when it comes to cold weather. I grew up in the shadow of the Smoky Mountains and went to school farther north than that. I did fine with the cold weather then because I hadn’t experienced the almost subtropic temperatures we’re used to where we live now.

Today I’ll pretend I’m in Vermont (north enough you think?) and feast my eyes on the photos below. Might even help me to think it’s cooler here than it is. I could be happy to live someplace where daytime temps stayed in the 75-85 degree range. But, here take a look.

Location Unknown
Marion County, Oregon
Location Unknown

Just a Pretty Leaf

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Till next time … keep on smiling.


  1. Well it just so happens that I'm actually IN Vermont lol! The leaves are all turned and we're almost past our leaf-changing season. Yes, today is a fluke day in the 70s, but if you've been watching our weather, it gets into the teens at night and usually 20s and 30s during the day. It is VERY much fall here. Today's a good day to pretend to be here, but not other days lol :)

    1. Hannah, thanks so much for your comment. Interesting. We are forecast to go to 49 tonight, our coldest night so far. I'm in lower Alabama (some folks call it L.A., like in California.) Thanks for stopping by to read my blog.

    2. I spoke too soon, Jo!! It clouded up and poured soon after I wrote that comment. Ridiculously hard downpour for the rest of the day and continuing tonight. At least it's not snow just yet :)

      LOL funny! LA....Lower Alabama! I have a friend from LA :) California LA not your LA. Will have to tell her when I see her on Thursday.

  2. Wow, great pics. Ya know, I don't really like the cold...BUT, I LOVE a good snowstorm!! I'm talking about the type of snowstorm that's big enough to shut down my workplace for several days! Ahhh....BLISS....

    I hope you have a blessed week!