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Friday, December 21, 2012

Win a Book - two winners!

When you leave a comment on THIS post by 6 p.m. CT Sunday, December 23, 2012 you'll be entered in the DRAWING for two winners for an eBook of the two books I review below. If you mention in your comment that you’re a follower (see in the left column “Join This Site” and “Follow by Email”), I’ll add your name a second time in the drawing. You can read details about my book giveaways here.

Texas Cinderella by Molly Noble Bull

Bedtime Stories for Believers by Molly Noble Bull

Molly Noble Bull is a multi-published author. Her long historical novel, Sanctuary, won the 2008 Gayle Wilson award and tied for first place in the 2008 Winter Rose Contest, both for published authors in the inspirational category. Molly is married, the mother of three grown sons, and a grandmother. She was born in Kingsville, Texas, home of the famous King Ranch. Her father and maternal grandfather were real Texas cowboys and managed the Santa Rosa, a sixty thousand acre cattle ranch where Molly spent part of her growing up years. If anybody knows about Texas, cowboys, and ranches—first hand—it's Molly. All three of her grown sons are involved in ranching in Texas today. 

JO: Let's visit Molly Noble Bull with some questions. Molly, tell us a little more about yourself, with three things not many people know about you.

MOLLY: Christian, wife, mother.

JO: What do you enjoy doing when you’re not writing?

MOLLY: I enjoy being with my family and I enjoy reading and studying the Bible, especially Bible Prophecy. I also like really old movies.

JO: Where do you write? Do you have a dedicated office or a corner or nook in a room?

MOLLY: I write in a spare bedroom, and I write all my novel, stories, and articles on my computer—no long yellow pads for me. I print copies of everything I write then read and revise off line. 

JO: Please tell us about Cinderella Texas.

MOLLY: Cinderella Texas is what I call a romantic western. Set in Texas in modern times, Cinderella Texas was published by Helping Hand Press on November 11, 2012.

Take a good look at the cover of the book. The house on the cover is very important to the story, which I hope will make readers smile—maybe even laugh.

When Alyson Spencer, a citified young woman from Dallas, moves to a huge ranch in South Texas in the middle of nowhere in order to home-school Quatro Greene’s children, sparks fly. Both are Christians and committed to the Lord, but that is about the only thing the two have in common. Quatro means four in Spanish and he is a widower. His real name is Robert Lee Greene IV and he is a real Texas cowboy. Though Quatro and his family are billionaires, they live on very little, insisting that modern conveniences corrupt. The big old ranch house where they all live is without electricity. Alyson doesn’t think she can live without air conditioning, a hair dryer, TV, radio, and a way to recharge her cell phone. In fact, she thinks Quatro and his family are downright strange, especially since the family business offices are full equipped with electricity, air conditioning, computers and other devices. 

JO: Now please tell us about Bedtime Stories for Believers

MOLLY: Bedtime Stories for Believers is a collection of eight short stories I wrote at various times during my writing career. It was published on December 17, 2012. Some of the stories are true. Others are fiction. Some are new while others are reprints. One of the stories, “Getting It Right,” might be familiar to readers. It appeared in the Chicken Soup for the Soul books several times. 

JO: What takeaway value do you hope your readers receive after reading these books?

MOLLY: Some non-Believers have a misconception about what Christians and the Christian life are all about, assuming that Christians are grim people that never say anything amusing or have any fun. I hope Cinderella Texas will cause readers to come to new conclusions—realize that while true Christians follow the Lord and His teachings, they also have fun and enjoy life to the fullest. 

JO: How long have you been writing? When did you sell your first book?

MOLLY: I am really telling my age here. I sold For Always, a modern story and my first novel, to Zondervan in 1986. I also sold The Rogue’s Daughter to Zondervan that same year. Rogue was a historical western set in Texas. 

JO: What advice would you give to writers just starting out?

MOLLY: Be patient and never give up. It takes a long time to learn to write a novel and longer still to sell it. 

JO: What are you working on now?

MOLLY: Cinderella Texas was Volume 1 in The Cattlemen Series of western romance novels. I am working on Volume 2. It should be out in early 2013. 

JO: Is there anything else you would like us to know? 

MOLLY: Well, since Cinderella Texas and Bedtime Stories for Believers were published in November and December 2012 and thus very new, I need book reviews for Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobe. Those who promise to read one of my books and write a review (even if they don’t like the book) will be at the top of the list when I choose winners of the book contest. 

JO: Please tell our readers where they can get your books.

MOLLY: To find my e-books, write Molly Noble Bull in the search slot at online bookstores like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobe. To order my paperback novels at online or walk-in bookstore, write in my name again—Molly Noble Bull.

You can find my Christian non-fiction articles at the blogs below.

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JO: Molly, thanks for this interesting interview and for spending time with my readers. Also, thanks for giving two of my commenters one eBook each of Cinderella Texas and Bedtime Stories for Believers.

Remember: Leave a comment on THIS post by 6 pm CT Sunday, December 23, 2012 and you'll be entered in the drawing for an eBook copy of Texas Cinderella and Bedtime Stories for Believers by Molly Noble Bull. You must be eighteen, have a U.S. mailing address, void where prohibited. Please, please remember to leave your email address so that should you be the winner I can get in touch with you for your mailing address. I’ll announce the winner in Monday’s blog.

Till next time … keep on smiling.


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