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Monday, August 26, 2013

Win a Book!

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 Speaking Confidence by Lisa Heidrich 

Lisa Heidrich, RN, CCM, CHP, is a registered nurse, nursing instructor, international speaker, freelance writer, ministry director, Bible study teacher, prayer intercessor, voice-over artist and speaking coach with over 20 years experience in public speaking. Lisa serves Stonecroft Ministries as a speaker and Divisional Field Director. She is a graduate of "Proverbs 31 She Speaks" and "Christian Communicators Conference" programs.

Our guest blogger is Lisa Heidrich, author of Speaking Confidence. Welcome, Lisa. Please tell us a little about yourself.

Lisa Heidrich, Speaker, Evangelist, imperfect mom of 2 sons and 1 fur baby Mercy (my 10 year old Great Dane) and newly published book author of Speaking Confidence. I grew up in South Florida, have undergrad degree in nursing, post grad in adult education, now currently employed full time as a Divisional Field Director with Stonecroft Ministries and I love everything purple!

What fun or unique things can you tell us about yourself that we don’t know?

I took ballet in college.
I have campaigned finished a Best in Breed Great Dane : Champion.
Worship One Von Winterlochen- a.k.a. “Elijah”
I am a word nerd.
I can’t spell.
I love shopping at thrift stores and Goodwill.
My secret “dream-job” is to be a Radio host / DJ one day.

Please describe yourself with three words.

Communicator, Body Activist.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not writing?

Speaking / Evangelism.
Going to the beach.
Thrift store pimping.
Playing Scrabble, word searches, POP words, words with Friends.

How did you become involved in writing?

Good question…I have been an International Speaker for the ministry I work for and everywhere I traveled I was asked—“Do you have a book?”

I went to a couple writers’ conferences and thought I’d compile the devotions I was assigned to write on a monthly basis for my current job but God pierced my heart to help others gain Speaking Confidence. The rest is history.

Where do you write?

Multiple locations—I am flexible and go-with-the-flow.

I write on Airplanes—during travel, hotel rooms, one of my favorite locations is on my sofa with my laptop on my lap, while watching/ listening to the TV.

Do you have a dedicated office or a corner or nook in a room?

I do have an office, but I rarely use it.

Do you always know the title of your books before you write them?

In this case, yes, I did have the title for a while before writing the book.

Sometimes “titles” spin through my head, I forget most, but for my style, I’d most probably start with a title first and go from there.

Please tell us about your book.

Speaking Confidence—a double entendre is about giving others practical tips, coaching, and edification to overcome the #1 Fear in our world: THE FEAR OF PUBLIC SPEAKING (this is meaning #1). The second meaning is—that this book would encourage us, person to person to SPEAK confidence into one another’s lives in each and every word we speak.

What takeaway value do you hope your readers receive after reading this book?

Stand UP and Say your PIECE without FEAR.

Where did you get the idea for your book?

I was teaching and working with women in sharing their stories and realized our #1 fear is public speaking, so I was driven to “do something” to lessen this fear in our nation. I feel God gave me the inspiration and brought everything together to make the book possible—from typing each word, to meeting my publisher Chalfont House, to every detail. 

Did you have to do any research for this book?

Yes, stats on speaking phobia, research on microphones, questioning others about what they need to become speakers, and reading God’s Word for each and every bit of “Ancient Authentic Advice” at the end of each phase (chapter) in my work.

How long have you been writing?

Since I was a kid—my mom was a “note leaver”—she expressed herself to both my sister and me via notes all the time. Writing back to her was a lesson in communicating via the written word from around age 11 maybe?

As a Registered Nurse I had a few published professional magazine articles.  Speaking Confidence is my first book. I also wrote and drew books as a KID! And sold them to my sister, mom, aunt, and Mama Lou (grandmother). I have contributed Bible study pieces for the ministry I work for as well under the Stonecroft Ministry umbrella.

When did you sell your first book?

September 2012

What advice would you give to writers who have been writing a few years but still haven’t interested an agent or publisher in their novel?

Pray. Don’t give up. Be willing to constantly “tweak your manuscript”, believe in something bigger than yourself, and network.

What are you working on now?

Curriculum for Speaking Confidence for Kids, beginning research and connections for Kid’s speaking confidence workshops and connecting with Home Schooled populations—if it is successful, I will approach my publisher about a KIDS version of Speaking Confidence.

My main theory in my book Speaking Confidence is that public speaking phobia is a fear handed down generation to generation—so if we reach the kids coming up in this world, we can lessen the FEAR.

I am also collecting thoughts and ideas for a book called “Praying Confidence” helping others develop their voice for God and teaching others to pray.

What advice would you give to writers just starting out?


Stay the course. Set parameters in place to reach certain goals each day and each week. Have accountability partners—one of the reasons I believe my book came to fruition is because I had a Publisher who believed in me and set the time to connect with me every week. Once a goal is set, it is difficult to veer from the course and most importantly PRAY.

Please tell our readers where they can get your book.

Please tell our readers where they can find you online.

Any parting comment?

Of course…
Writing is a honed gift that we all must practice and work on to really define and shine at, speaking is an innate ability that with the right encouragement everyone CAN be inspirational at.  Stand up and say your piece.
Thank you.

Lisa, thank you for the interesting interview. In a random drawing from among commenters, one will win a copy of your book that you graciously offered. Thank you.

Remember: leave a comment on THIS post by 6 p.m. CT Wednesday, August 28, 2013 and you'll be entered in the drawing for a copy of Speaking Confidence by Lisa Heidrich. Please, please remember to leave your email address. Should you be the winner I can get in touch with you for your mailing address. I’ll announce the winner in Thursday's blog.

The winner of last Thursday's blog post for a copy of Raspberries and Vinegar by Valerie Comer is Amada. I'll contact you and we’ll get the book out to you. Thanks all for commenting. Watch for more book giveaways.

Till next time ... keep on smiling.


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    1. Marjorie, thanks for reading and leaving your comment. I NEED YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS TO ENTER YOU IN THE BOOK DRAWING.

  2. I would love to win this book! I'm always trying to figure out how to encourage my teen and pre-teen girls to be more confident! Thanks so much, Lisa, for writing this book and for all you do for the body of Christ! :-)
    Melanie Dickerson
    melaniedickerson @

    1. Melanie, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment.

  3. Thank you for sharing with us Lisa! How blessed are you my sister :)


    1. Adriana, glad you stopped by to read and leave your comment. I NEED YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS TO ENTER YOU IN THE BOOK DRAWING.

  4. Lisa, I love the concept of speaking confidence into the lives of others--a wonderful way to bless people, and who doesn't need that?

    1. Lisa, thanks for reading and leaving your comment. I NEED YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS TO ENTER YOU IN THE BOOK DRAWING.

  5. Thank you Jo for giving Lisa this platform to share her book and how the book came about. Your practical 'how to' questions helped me get a better understanding of not only her book but also how Lisa went about the process of developing her idea into a book! Speaking Confidence sounds very helpful and interesting as well as practical! I met Lisa last year at Christian Communicator's Conference and she is the real deal!! She writes, lives,and speaks confidently. I too like the way she is not only teaching about speaking confidently but also speaking confidence into the lives of others.

    1. Alice, You're welcome, glad you enjoyed the interview. Thanks for reading and leaving your comment.

  6. Sounds like an awesome book, Lisa!.....I would love to win it so that I could use it as part of our homeschool curriculum to teach my children to speak confidently and also for me to learn along with them. I love the fact that she is also teaching us to edify others, too.


    1. Susieq, glad you enjoyed the interview. I appreciate your coming by and leaving your comment.

  7. Great interview Lisa! I recently reviewed her book on Amazon, so leave me out of the contest to win. Just wanted to say Kudos! And I loved learning more about you. :)

    Love ~ Danie

    1. Danie Marie, Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment.

  8. I know all about Stonecroft Ministries. You see my Mom was involved in Christian Women's Club for over 40 years.
    She has even been to the conferences and to their headquarters.
    Janet E.

  9. Enjoyed your interview, Lisa. T

    This is a book that can help many people - myself included. I can talk up a storm one-on-one, but struggle with public speaking.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win your book!


    I am a follower.

    1. Bonnie, thanks you for reading and leaving your comment. I'm glad you follow by blog. Thanks!