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Monday, November 18, 2013

Meet the Characters

I want you to get to know some of the characters of my novel Claiming Peace, Book 3 in the Caney Creek Series. For several Mondays I’ll interview one of the characters and you can leave comments if you want. I think this might help you when you read my novel to know how these characters feel as they move through the story. If you leave a comment on this blog that is totally related to the interview I'll give you an extra entry in the next Thursday book drawing.

Today I’m talking with Lynn Callaway in Newton, Tennessee.

Hello, Lynn. Can you stop and talk to me a short while?

Yes, ma’am, for a little while. I’m meeting someone shortly.

Thank you.  Have you lived in Newton long?

Yes, ma’am, I lived here all my life except before I went to college.

Where did you go to college?

In Knoxville, at the University of Tennessee.

You mentioned you went there. Have you graduated?

Yes, ma’am, I have. I graduated in June with a degree in education. I’ve moved back here, hoping the Sanford County school board will hire me to teach in the elementary school.

Do you like to spend time with children?

Yes, I do. While in college I did some practice teaching as part of my curriculum. I loved my time in the school with the children.

You seem dedicated to a goal. I hope the school board will select you.

Thank you.

Where will you live if you work here?

Right now I’m living at my daddy and Caroline’s house. It’s a large house and I try to stay out of their way as much as possible. They only been married a couple of years and they need their privacy. They both insist that I stay there after I start work.

They’re not bothered by you being there and interrupting their privacy?

They say they aren’t and I believe them. Daddy and Caroline knew each other twenty years ago then lost touch with one another. But they accidentally met while I was in school in Knoxville. That meeting rekindled their love and the next year they married.

You’re such a beautiful girl. Are you dating anyone in particular?

Yes, ma’am, I am. Phillip just finished his master’s degree in business and he’s also looking for a job. I’m sure he’ll find one. He’s smart and good looking. He’s good to me.

Do you think he might get a job here in Newton?

Newton is such a small town, I don’t see that happening. But, who knows? Maybe so. I would love for him to live closer. Long distance relationships sometimes don’t last too long. And I really want to spend time with him.

Lynn, are you the daughter of Mr. Callaway who owns the hosiery mill here?

Yes, ma’am. I am. Daddy raised me after my mother died when I was two years old. He did have help from my aunts and uncles. I don’t remember my mother but I look at her pictures often. Caroline loves my daddy and fits right into our family. I’m glad he found her. I didn’t like growing up seeing him always alone.

Didn’t he date as you grew up?

No, he didn’t. He stayed faithful to the memory of my mother. But he and Caroline met a long time ago and I’m glad they are so happy together.

You don’t resent sharing your daddy with Caroline ?

Absolutely not. I didn’t like seeing him so lonely. They’re both good together.

Lynn, thank you for talking with me. Good luck with getting that teaching job.

Thank you.

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Till next time ... keep on smiling.


  1. I thought Lynn was very polite. Thanks for the chance to read your latest novel, jo.

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  2. Thanks for this interview Jo. sounds like Lynn has grown up a very good lady.
    It is good she was not jealous of caroline. GOD bless you. Maxie