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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Book Drawing

When you leave a comment on THIS post by 6 p.m. CT Sunday, March 16, 2014 you'll be entered in the DRAWING for a copy of the book I mention below. If you mention in your comment that you’re a follower (see in the left column “Join This Site” and “Follow by Email”), I'll add your name a second time in the drawing. You must have a U.S. mailing address. You can read details about my book giveaways at Disclaimers.

Rebekah's Treasure by Sylvia Bambola

Our guest blogger is Sylvia Bambola. Here is her biography in her own words: "I was born in Romania but ended up in a German orphanage. No one can tell me how or why. But that’s understandable when one realizes that Germany was still reeling from the devastation of World War II, and people all over Europe were displaced. At age seven I relocated with my adopted military family and saw the Statue of Liberty and America for the first time. But the memory of those years in Germany lingered and was the inspiration behind my novel, Refiner's Fire, which won a Silver Angel Award, and was a Christy Finalist.

"Life as an 'army brat' gave me the opportunity to live in several states, including Hawaii. And oh, how I fell in love with my beautiful adopted country! Americans were wonderful, friendly and so welcoming. One of the proudest moments of my life was when I became a naturalized citizen! Then came nursing school in New York after which I married and began a family. Raising two children and being the wife of a corporate executive made for a busy life. So did working in marketing for a telecommunications company, then a medical software company. But my favorite times were those spent with my husband and family and of course my extended family, which was considerable. Think 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding,' only my extended family is Italian.

"My first novel, A Vessel of Honor, written under the pen name of Margaret Miller, garnered a Small Press Editor's Choice Award and was seriously considered for production as a television movie.

"I've authored six published novels, live in sunny Florida (and yes it's sunny most of the time) and have two grown children. I've also been a guest speaker at Women's Aglow and various church functions, am a Bible study teacher at my church, love gardening though these days, living in a condo, this is confined to pots only. And I'm learning to play the guitar."

Welcome, Sylvia. What fun or unique things can you tell us about yourself?

When I was sixteen I wanted to be a nun. No kidding! Now I can't image missing all those wonderful years with my husband and raising our children. They were truly golden.

Also, one of my secret dreams was to be an interior designer. I just loved painting walls and matching colors and fabrics and then shopping for the accessories. Note that the past tense is used here. At my age I no longer enjoy climbing up and down ladders, but I still like browsing through home d├ęcor magazines.

Please tell us about Rebekah's Treasure.

Rebekah's Treasure takes place in war-torn 70 A.D. Jerusalem when Rebekah and her husband, Ethan, each take something of value:  Rebekah, the cup of the Last Supper; Ethan, a copper scroll detailing the whereabouts of a vast Temple treasure. Ahead, separation and danger face them as each tries to survive. But it's not only external forces that could keep them apart forever but internal ones as they struggle to discover where their true treasure lies.

I must admit I was really pleased when Rebekah's Treasure won first place for Adult Fiction in the Florida State Association National League of American Pen Women because this is a secular award and proves that Christian writers can go toe to toe with their mainstream counterparts.

What takeaway value do you hope your readers receive after reading this book?

As a Bible study teacher I was intrigued by the destruction of the Jewish Temple and Jesus' prophecy concerning it. After researching the event and times, what I discovered utterly amazed me. I began seeing parallels to other Bible prophecies: How Roman mirrored the New World Order spoken about in Daniel and Revelation. How the end time church resembled the religious groups of that day, etc.  So I hope readers see how alive and relevant the Bible is for us today. I also hope they will enjoy the marriage of 70 A.D. history with suspense and a bit of romance, then come away evaluating where their own treasure lies.

Please tell our readers where they can get your book.

Amazon carries both the trade paperback and Kindle version.

Also readers can get it in any bookstore. If not on the shelf it can be easily ordered.

Please tell our readers where they can find you online.

At my website and I'm always happy to hear from readers and other writers.

Any parting comment?

Thank you, Jo, for hosting me. And God bless you and your many books!

Thank you, Sylvia, for a most interesting interview. One of my commenters on this post will win a copy of Rebekah's Treasure, which you have offered.

Remember: leave a comment on THIS post by 6 p.m. CT Sunday, March 16, 2014 and you'll be entered in the drawing for a copy of Rebekah's Treasure by Sylvia Bambola. Please, please remember to leave your email address. I'll need your email address so that should you be the winner I can get in touch with you. I'll announce the winner in Monday's blog.

The winner of last Thursday's blog post appeared in this past Monday's blog. Thanks all for commenting. Watch for more book giveaways.

Till next time … keep on smiling.


  1. What a wonderful review - thanks for the chance to win the book - it looks wonderful...I am a follower and by email...truckredford(at)Gmail(Dot)com

    1. Eliza, glad you enjoyed the interview with Sylvia and left your comment. I appreciate you following my blog!

  2. Eliza, thank you for checking it out and for your kinds words! Blessings!

  3. Enjoyed the interview. Sylvia has lived and interesting life. And to live in sunny Florida where it doesn't snow. Usually.Rebekah's Treasure sounds like a great book. pat at ptbradley dot com

    1. Thank you, Patricia. I do LOVE Florida. And this winter, seeing what has been happening in Midwest and Northeast, makes me so thrilled to be here. And best of luck on your new book, Shadows of the Past!

    2. Pat, glad you enjoyed the interview with Sylvia. Thanks for coming by and leaving your comment.

  4. A great review! I am intrigued by this one and would love to read more.

    mauback55 at gmail dot com

    1. Melanie, glad you enjoyed it! Hope you do read more! Blessings.

    2. Melanie, thanks for coming by and leaving your comment. Glad you enjoyed the interview with Sylvia.

  5. This is a great review and sounds like a really good book. I am interested in all things that relate to the Bible and the Jews. I live in Berlin 1959-62 so I have a special place in my heart for people from that country. I am a follower and I get your email.

  6. Ann, so glad you enjoyed the interview with Sylvia. Thanks for reading and leaving your comment. I appreciate you following my blog!

  7. Anonymous, so glad you're interested in things relating to the Bible and God's chosen people. Good luck in the drawing!

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  9. Rebekah's Treasure is a book I would really like to read! The Siege of Jerusalem in 70 AD is such a fascinating historical era. Is Ethan a zealot? Bless you both for this wonderful giveaway! I am a follower. :)

    1. Kd, glad you enjoyed the blog post. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I appreciate you following my blog!

  10. Kd, the siege of Jerusalem is indeed fascinating and so different than what I assumed it was before doing research. Best wishes in the contest!