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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Book Drawing

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Hog Insane by Carole Brown

Our guest blogger is Carole Brown. Carole not only has her debut novel, The Redemption of Caralynne Hayman, available for purchase, but a companion book called West Virginia Scrapbook: From the Life of Caralynne Hayman, filled with tidbits of information about West Virginia, quotes, recipes from West Virginia and from Caralynne’s life, pictures and discussion questions for the novel. In November 2013, the first book in her mystery series, Hog Insane, released. It’s a fun, lighthearted, quick-read novel introducing the characters, Denton and Alex Davies.

Besides being a member and active participant of many writing groups, Carole enjoys mentoring beginning writers. She loves to weave suspense and tough topics into her books, along with a touch of romance and whimsy, and is always on the lookout for outstanding titles and catchy ideas. She and her husband reside in SE Ohio but have ministered and counseled nationally and internationally. Together, they enjoy their grandsons, traveling, gardening, good food, the simple life, and did she mention their grandsons?

Welcome, Carole. What fun or unique things can you tell us about yourself?

We’ve traveled all over the U.S. ministering, and in that time have visited or experienced many wonderful things. One of the best has been the opportunity to minister and serve the Native Americans, particularly the Navajo. We learned to love these people, shared their foods (including deep fried sheep’s intestines, handmade (tossed! Loved watching and trying my hand at doing it! And providing entertainment for them while doing so. Lol) fry bread, and “mild” spicy stews (set us on fire). We’ve visited hogans where baby sheep were nurtured, tried our hand at weaving L, sat in fields where the witch doctor’s wife shelled corn, loved their babies, and let our hearts be won by them.

I collect music boxes and presently own over 100. When I first started I feverishly collected any and all, but now have slowed down to only obtaining those which are interesting, old, and/or unique in some way. I have expensive ones and cheap ones. Old ones and newer ones. Some are story-book themed; others, seasonal-themed. Then I have a few who mean a lot to me sentimentally and others are just fun ones like the turtles with special military decorative colors. I’ve created one (a spider!), received several as gifts, ordered a few in a series, but mostly browsed searching for the next one that catches my attention. 

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not writing?

I love my flower gardens! Hubby built a pond to go with it, and I’m looking forward this summer to introducing Koi into it. I’m fascinated with these creatures, love hand feeding them, and learning about them. They are expensive, but well worth it for the entertainment and relaxation of watching them.

A new phase of my life--becoming a grandmother--is now listed as one of my favorite things in life. Inviting the grandson to visit, sharing special moments with them, realizing anew how wonderful life is: I can’t begin to thank God enough for the privilege of having three wonderful grandsons! Whether walking in the woods exploring, traveling with them to share places and events, or having a simple sleepover and hot dog roast, it’s all good.

If you could have dinner with one person from today or history (except Jesus), who would it be? Why?

Other than my hubby or grandsons (or friends and immediate family), I would have to say a writer. I admire several so it would really be a toss-up who the final choice would be. And some, though I admire their writings, lived/ too depressing of a life or too “wild” of a life, for me to crave dinner with them. Lol. Still there are some good choices out there.

Please tell us about Hog Insane.

A dead body, a missing motorcycle, a strange key, and dope are at the bottom of the trouble Denton and Alex Davies, and Taffy, their Jack Russell Terrier, run into when they head for their first stop in the Smoky Mountains immediately after early retirement. 

All Denton wants is to fish and recapture his wife’s love. Instead, they find the body of Anthony Risler with a bullet hole in his head. None of the campground people, or even the sheriff, pretend to like Denton and his snoopy questions, and everyone seems to be lying. 

Denton figures Risler’s missing bike has to hide some kind of evidence that incriminates the murderer. Archie McGhee, the campground manager is self-centered and greedy enough to hide the motorcycle for the murderer, so why doesn’t he know where the bike is now? The Stillwells, although good-looking and popular, brag way too much to suit the Davies. The expensive S-shaped, ruby watch they foist onto Alex ought to play into the mystery, yet Denton can find no evidence of it. The drug-using, gun-toting man who chases Taffy knows more than he’s telling and raises questions in Denton’s mind even when forced to partner with the man.

Why is the sheriff ignoring obvious clues, and why would he leave a bribery note lying around where Denton’s suspicious eyes can see it? When Denton finds the keys with the strange looking C charm Alex and Denton realize only their pastor’s wife, back in Ohio, and the small, cherry-wood box Risler gave her, can provide the final clue they need to reveal the killer. 

Denton wrestles with his personal demons of self-blame over his nephew’s death while riding a bike. Alex resents Denton’s riding roughshod over her feelings. When he thinks her love is fading, he’s determined to woo her back. But if he doesn’t find the young man’s murderer, their love may stretch to the breaking point.

I’d like to leave a note of interesting information with your readers:  most people wonder at the title or think perhaps the book is about pigs or a pig farmer. Not so! Lol. When I first wrote the short story, I was searching for something different, something that would stand out and capture attention. I decided on a man who resented motorcycles (Harley Hogs) for a good reason, but his wife wanted the experience of riding one. After developing it into a novel, I decided to go with a series, playing on “insanity” words, hence my upcoming second book: Bat Crazy, and hopefully soon after: Daffy’s Duck. 

Here are a few other titles I have planned: Horse Senseless, Dog Mad, and perhaps Touched Kitty. Question for your readers: Do YOU have an idea I could include? Might mean a free book if I like it and use it. OR: Tell me which book you think ought to be next and why. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

What takeaway value do you hope your readers receive after reading this book?

This is a fun and quick cozy mystery. It doesn’t carry a heavy issue within its pages (religious worldview), other than each book will have a subtle hint at romantic problems and what it takes to make a romance/marriage work. Nothing elaborate, only unobvious (I hope!) gentle hints. Along with that is a few hours of a gentle mystery that is capturing certain readers’ attention. 

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Any parting comment?

Thank you so much, Jo, for inviting me to visit. It is such a pleasure. Truly hope your readers will pick up a copy of Hog Insane and if they enjoy it, consider writing a review. Authors so much appreciate it! Blessings to all.

Carole, I’m happy to have you visit with my readers and me. One of the commenters will win in a random drawing a copy of Hog Insane, which you so graciously offered.

Remember: leave a comment on THIS post by 6 p.m. CT Sunday, May 11, 2014 and you'll be entered in the drawing for a copy of Hog Insane by Carole Brown. Please, please remember to leave your email address. I'll need your email address so that should you be the winner I can get in touch with you. I'll announce the winner in Monday's blog.

The winner of last Thursday’s blog post appeared in this past Monday’s blog. Thanks all for commenting. Watch for more book giveaways.

Till next time … keep on smiling.


  1. Thanks so much, Jo, for having me. Post looks lovely! Blessings to you & your readers.

    1. Carole, You're so welcome. Glad to have you visit with my readers and me.

  2. I so enjoyed reading Carole's book The Redemption of Caralynne Hayman that I can hardly wait to read Hog Insane!

    1. Pat, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment.

  3. I enjoyed Carole's great interview and have enjoyed the privilege of reading both of her books, so no need to enter me in this giveaway. I was laughing as I read all of the "insanity" titles. I think Loco Motive would also be a great title. :)

    texaggs2000 at gmail dot com

  4. I love your titles and can't wait to read Hog Insane. Crazed Cows and Looney Little Louses are two titles that popped into my mind. Keep up the great writing!

    mauback55 at gmail dot com

    1. Melanie, glad you enjoyed the interview with Carole. Thanks for leaving your comment.

  5. Carole, nice to learn more about you! How about Eyeing Eagles, Feathered Birds, or Cold Fish? :-)

    1. Sylvia, I like the Cold Fish. Thanks for leaving your comment.

  6. I enjoyed the interview. Sounds like a fun mystery to read and I love the clever title!

    1. Thanks for coming by and leaving your comment.