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Sweet Southern Romance

Monday, May 12, 2014



The excessive baggage weighed heavily on my tired shoulders all day. I recognize it for what it is: I feel guilty, and it's eating me up inside. This morning as we all rushed to get out of the house on time, my small child became my second shadow. In my haste I literally stepped on that second shadow when I turned around. Without mature thought, in hurried frustration, I scolded him for being in my way. I should have hugged instead of scolded! I did hug, but not until tonight when I tucked him into bed. My child hugged me back and said, "I love you," seeming to have forgotten my ugly reaction this morning. Please forgive me, God, for lashing out at my child. Then help me to forget and release this forgiven sin as my child has. Just as you forget forgiven sin. Teach me how to be as kind toward myself as you are toward me. Thank you for your forgiveness.
                                       Amen and Good Night, God

This prayer taken from
Amen and Good Night,God
by Jo Huddleston 
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The winner of last Thursday's blog post for a copy of Hog Insane by Carole Brown is Melanie. I'll email you. Thanks all for commenting. Watch for more book giveaways.

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