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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Linda Rondeau Book


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Award-winning author, Linda Wood Rondeau, writes stories of God’s mercies. Born in Syracuse, she spent the bulk of her married life in the Adirondacks. After a long career in human services, Linda now resides in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband, her best friend in life where the more tolerable temperatures afford an opportunity to play golf year round, the author’s second greatest passion. 

By Linda Wood Rondeau

Writers are often asked where their ideas come from. For me, many times they germinate from my social work experience. Sometimes, as was the case of Joy Comes to Dinsmore Street, ideas are birthed from personal experience. 

My cousin and I spent a lot of time at her house, and she often came and stayed with me.  She had two older brothers and one younger. I remember the older boys and how mischievous they loved to be. The younger brother hung out with us girls, taking walks, going to the old swimming hole to swim.  When we had family events at my grandparents’ house, the cousins played basketball while the grownups played cards. 

I graduated high school and went on to college. I married and moved hundreds of miles away. My cousin married as well and had a couple of kids. We both divorced. I remarried, and she now has a companion who has been by her side for years, a good fatherly role model for her girls and now her grandchildren.  Life and circumstances caused us to drift apart. And our lives became very different.

Once, during a rare visit, we went to see my grandparents’ house in Mexico, New York. Vacant, we walked around the yard and peeked in the windows, remembering the many times we spent there. We became excited when we saw Grandma Barrigar’s old wood stove in the kitchen, surprised it was still there.  Across the road the old barn still stood. 

Whenever we’re together we reminisce about those wonderful years. As I thought about how my cousin and I drifted apart, not because of argument, merely that we journeyed to different places in our lives, a story took root. What if two cousins, nearly inseparable, had a serious argument that spanned four decades? How different would these lives become? What circumstances might bring about their reunion? 

And so, Joy Comes to Dinsmore Street was born. Many revisions later, the story takes place Christmas 2000, set at the new millennium in the Adirondack Mountains. Christmas is a time for reunion, for healing, and forgiveness. No matter how many decades separate a friendship. 

About Joy Comes to Dinsmore Street (Read an excerpt.) 
Most people looked forward to the dawning of the new millennium. For Colin O’Donnell, Christmas 2000 holds no anticipation until he learns Ma expects a visit from Joy, an adored cousin who disappeared on the girl’s sixteenth birthday. Why does she decide to visit Ma after all these years? The day Colin’s father left, Ma clutched Joy’s photograph as if it were a lifeline. Colin suspects the two disappearances are somehow connected although they occurred decades apart. Perhaps Joy’s visit will bring answers to years-old daunting questions. First, however, Colin must wrestle with a current mystery. What did he do to drive his wife from their bed? When all is revealed and the past and present collide, will Colin fight to preserve his marriage or follow his father’s path of abandonment?

Joy Comes to Dinsmore Street (Book edition)
Joy Comes to Dinsmore Street (eBook edition)

Readers may visit the author’s website at or email her at  Join her on Facebook, Twitter, PInterest, and Goodreads.   

The author is the winner of the 2012 Selah Award for best first novel, The Other Side of Darkness/Harbourlight, as well as a finalist in 2014 Selah Award for her novellas, A Christmas Prayer (aka A Father's Prayer)/Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas.  

Other books by Linda Wood Rondeau:
Readers may also enjoy Linda Wood Rondeau’s Christmas classic, It Really Is a Wonderful life, inspired by the author’s experience in Community Theater. 

Other books published by Helping Hands Press include the author’s non-fiction book, I Prayed for Patience God Gave Me Children, a paranormal suspense, Days of Vines and Roses, and her mini-novel, Jolly Angel, part of a greater romance collection, edited by Murray Pura’s, Blue Heaven Romance.  

In addition to the above, Linda maintains a devotional blog, This Daily Grind

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