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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Glenn Haggerty, YA Mystery/Suspense


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by Glenn Haggerty

Glenn Haggerty
Glenn Haggerty writes inspiring adventures with an edge. No matter how dark the day, finding hope to pursue the prize is the core of all his novels and studies. He is a member of ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers), a graduate of Vision Loss Resources and Bethel Seminary, the father of six and grandfather of seven. Glenn likes tandem biking, kayaking, and daydreaming and lives in Minneapolis with his wife. He is also an award-winning author with short stories published in Splickety, Havok, Cadet Quest, and Partners. Chase, the third book in his Intense series was released on April 1, 2018. 

Welcome, Glenn. What was the main inspiration for the new book? Had the idea been on your mind for a while or just popped into it one day?
Like most of my books and short stories, Chase was initially just a picture in my mind. One day, I imagined a lowlife drug-dealer meeting with one of his runners. However, my concern for the problem of drugs in middle and high school had haunted my mind for a long time. So, the incident turned into a scene which expanded into a full-length novel. I tried to put myself into the mindset of these characters and the story took off from there. Interestingly, I ended up cutting that original scene and reworking it into a different setting and another short story. But by then the bull was out of the pen as it were and the story had to be written!

Why do you feel compelled to write—in your genre or at all?
I want to provide serious entertainment from the Christian worldview. It’s tough being a tween or teen today, there’s so much bad stuff in our culture, and secular entertainment often offers only despair. I write to give people in general and kids in particular hope that they too can make it through life’s difficulties.

What takeaway value do you hope your readers receive after reading your book?
In Chase, bad company corrupts good morals. Sometimes we have to make tough choices about friendships. If someone has broken our trust, we must forgive them, but trust has to be earned again. On the other hand, using good judgment and if warranted, we should also be willing to give others a chance to earn that trust again.

Please tell us a little about your novel, Chase.
“There they are.” Chase’s voice rolled up the slope. Even hollering his voice sounded flat and lifeless like someone had drilled a hole in his body, and his soul had leaked out.

Drugs infiltrate Tyler Higgins’ middle school turning ordinary kids into brain dead druggies. When his friend is infected, Tyler decides to cut the small town drug flow by ratting out the dealer before it’s too late.

Shadowing drug runners is risky business. A bowhunter has already disappeared, and Tyler’s true adversary remains veiled. After his first spying mission misfires, Audrey, his classmate, volunteers to help, but Tyler can’t imagine where this mission will lead. Everything goes sideways, but he doggedly follows the twisting trails, risking his friendships and his own neck. In the end, he isn’t sure who he can trust or if he can rescue anyone—including himself.

Book 3 in the Intense Series, Chase continues the adventures of Tyler Higgins.

Where can readers find you online?

Where can readers purchase Chase?
Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and others  

Any parting comment?
You can pick up a FREE copy of book 1 of this series. 

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