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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Barbara M. Britton, Biblical Fiction


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Barbara M. Britton
Barbara M. Britton lives in Wisconsin and writes Christian Fiction for teens and adults. She has a nutrition degree from Baylor University but loves to dip healthy strawberries in chocolate. Barb brings little known Bible characters to light in her Tribes of Israel series.

Welcome, Barbara. What takeaway value do you hope your readers receive after reading your books?
I enjoy bringing little-known Bible stories to light or revealing little-known Bible characters that took part in famous Biblical events. When a reader finishes my book, I hope they have learned something new about the Bible and grow closer to God. I have been a Christian since the third grade, and it amazes me how much I don’t know about the Bible, especially the Old Testament. I have a theme for all of my stories that reveals how God works in the story.

Providence: God is in control, even in the chaos of life.
Building Benjamin: Love grows where God grafts the tender shoot.
Jerusalem Rising: Be strong and courageous and do God’s work.

And, I’ll reveal my next theme here first…
Lioness: Go forth with God.

Do you believe in writer’s block? If so, how often do you get it? How do you fix it?
Writers are creative people that rely on their minds to bring forth stories, dialogue, plot points, and navigate the marketing side of writing. I think writer’s block happens when life gets overwhelming and our minds and bodies are tired. God knew what He was doing when He created a Sabbath. We need a rest whether it be on Sunday, or one other day during the week. For me, motivation to write withers when life gets crazy…and life gets crazy for all of us. In those chaotic times, I pray that God will keep my creativity alive and bolster my health, so I can continue to put words on the page. This past year has been hectic, but God has been faithful.

I am part of the “sandwich generation” (a term I got from my critique partner). I have aging parents that need help and children in their twenties that still need parenting from time-to-time. When those two sides of the sandwich hit at once, God has to keep my mind fresh.

I Thessalonians 5:17 is my cure for writer’s block, “pray continually.”

What was the main inspiration for the last book? Had the idea been on your mind for a while or just popped into it one day?
I had taught the story of Nehemiah rebuilding Jerusalem’s wall many times in VBS and Sunday school. I never noticed that the daughters of Shallum were listed among the builders. Women, most likely girls, helping to stack rock? I wrote “Jerusalem Rising” from a daughter of Shallum’s point of view. I also learned there was a false prophetess working against Nehemiah. She was new to me. I refer to her as nasty Noadiah.

Lightning Round:
Vacation: Beach or Mountains? Beach

Y’all or You Guys? Both, depending if I’m north or south

Biscuits or Dinner Roll? Neither, saving my carbs for dessert

Spring, summer, winter, or fall? Fall

Laptop or Desktop? Desktop

Mug or teacup? Mug

Please tell us a little about Jerusalem Rising
When Adah bat Shallum finds the governor of Judah weeping over the crumbling wall of Jerusalem, she learns the reason for Nehemiah’s unexpected visit—God has called him to rebuild the wall around the City of David.

Nehemiah challenges the men of Jerusalem to labor on the wall and in return, the names of their fathers will be written in the annals for future generations to cherish. But Adah has one sister and no brothers. Should her father who rules a half-district of Jerusalem be forgotten forever?

Adah bravely vows to rebuild her city’s wall, though she soon discovers that Jerusalem not only has enemies outside of the city but also within. Can Adah, her sister, and the men they love, honor God’s call? Or will their mission be crushed by the same rocks they hope to raise.

Where can readers find you online?

Where can readers purchase Jerusalem Rising?

Any closing comment?
Thanks for having me on the blog again, Jo. My next book Lioness: Mahlah’s Journey brings to light the daughters of Zelophehad in the book of Numbers.

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What other little-known Bible characters should I write about?

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Till next time … keep on smiling.


“Wow, this book starts out strong and keeps getting better. I laughed, cried, tried to warn them, rejoiced and prayed along with them.”—Amazon Reader Review

TIDEWATER SUMMER, set in 1952 on an island off the South Carolina coast. You can read more about the book here, and you can read the Prologue here.


  1. this is a great post. I would love to read one of her books. I so agree with prayer. It needs to be a daily activity. And i learned long ago, that when speaking to God, be specific and humble. Makes a huge difference.
    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

    1. Hi Lori. I agree, prayer is crucial. I'm learning to be more specific, too. Thanks for joining us.

  2. I suggest writing about the woman with the issue of blood that touched Jesus' robe to be healed.
    I follow. SOnja dot nishimoto at gmail dot com

    1. Hi Sonja. That's an interesting story. I like Tessa Afshar and she wrote "Land of Silence" about the bleeding woman. She did it so well, I'm not sure I will write about her. I'm glad you stopped by. Thanks for suggesting a Bible story.

    2. I love Biblical fiction. It really helps me to know the Bible and the times better. I can't wait until I can get this book. There are so many little known people in the Word. Phoebe has always impressed me. Or Dorcas.
      I am a follower

    3. Hi Nancy! Phoebe and Dorcas are great choices. I'm glad you joined us.

  3. I agree that prayer is super important! Lydia,Deborah, priscilla,Mary & Martha, Esther, any of the apostles. Shelia sheliarha64(at)yahoo(dot)com

    1. Hi Sheila. I'm partial to Martha. I can identify with being busy in the kitchen. You have a list of amazing women and men. Thanks for commenting.

  4. I love reading about the minor characters, especially those without mentioned names.
    And I’m a subscriber.

  5. Hi MJSH. Did you know Stitches Thru Time picked your name to win one of my books? They posted the win, but I never received any information. I'll e-mail you privately now that I have contact information. The odds just went up for everyone else to be a winner.

  6. I love the story about the Jerusalem wall.

    A character I've never read about -- the woman who touched Jesus's cloak.

    1. Hi Dianna. We don't know much about her, do we? Tessa Afshar covered her in "Land of Silence." A great read. Thanks for joining us. Don't forget to leave an email.