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Christmas romance stained with secrets!

In this Christian romance, Ellen has lost her entire support system and those she loves except her two-year-old daughter. Yet, Ellen still hopes her knight in shining armor will ride in on his white horse, rescue her, turn her life around, and make all her problems disappear. 

David, a fireman on a callout, rushes through the aisle of a grocery store, almost colliding with Ellen. But, when he holds Ellen’s shoulder to prevent her falling, a sense of protection washes over her like a safety net. And, if anybody needs a safety net, she does! Ellen is lonely and vulnerable. David is like wind-blown fresh air over Ellen’s tired existence.

Despite David’s interest in her, Ellen can’t decide if she deserves happiness again after her dreadful past. Finally, she decides that dwelling on her ugly past is just as foolish as thinking about a future with the fireman. Ellen doesn’t reveal her history and meager lifestyle, convinced that knowing them would cause David to run far away from her.

Read to discover if Ellen tells David her secrets.


  1. love your blog!! sheliarha64(at)yahoo(dot)com Shelia Hall

  2. Shelia, glad you love my blog! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment.

  3. Hi Jo! I just read your new book and LOVED the story. I'd love to be in line to read & review the next one out!

    My blog review:

    1. Robin, thanks so much for leaving your comment here. Glad you loved my story about Julie and Robby. I appreciate your review on Amazon and will let you know when Book 2 releases.