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Jo Stone Huddleston

Please download free copies of the books below. I hope you enjoy reading them.

Get your free Kindle eBook copy of Amen and Good Morning, God: A Book of Morning Prayers

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About the Book:
God is our able guide. He awaits our invitation to walk with us daily," reads the introduction to this volume of 120 morning prayers. The prayers deal with down-to-earth concerns such as forgiveness, sorrow, faithfulness and stress. These morning prayers can encourage you to release the concerns of the day into God's loving care.

Amazon 5-Star Review:
"This book has been a real blessing to me. I open the book at random every day, and no matter what prayer I read, there is something in it to inspire, help, or encourage me."

Get your free eBook copy of Ties That Bind: Family Stories (Kindle and other eBook formats)

About the Book:
This volume contains 5 short stories about family dynamics. The core of any culture is the family. It is into this core of family that a newborn first connects with the world. It’s where that baby learns about love—feels love from family members and later, sees examples of how he or she can love others. Harmony in a family unit is the bedrock of a thriving society. Indeed, the building of character or lack of such building begins within the family. These stories are fictional examples of varied family relationships.

Amazon 5-Star Review:
Jo Huddleston has written the most wonderful, thought-provoking stories inside the cover of Ties That Bind: Family Stories... Love, selflessness, and the love of God shines through in these beautifully written jewels. Grab this book and absorb every story.

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