Jo Stone Huddleston
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"...some twists and turns in the story and it made it interesting."
--Karen C. Riley, Amazon review

"...well written great characters you will like."
--D. L. Montgomery, Amazon review

"The conflict in the story was handled well and the ending wrapped everything up nicely. A very enjoyable read."
--J. E. Grace, Amazon review

"Her Reason to Smile is a fabulous romance book."
--Barbara Thompson, Amazon review

"Wonderful well written story. Go on a drive and adventure with Susan."
--D. L. Montgomery, Amazon review

"This is a sweet romance filled with heart-warming characters..."
--Amazon 5 star review

"The story is so sweet and filled with love."

Karen C. Riley, Amazon review


"Wonderful sweet romance. Well written by Jo Huddleston."
--D. L. Montgomery, Amazon review

"Being an airline stewardess in the 1950s was an exciting career, and the author perfectly captures that time period in this book. A wonderful friends-to-lovers story."
Amazon 5 star review

"With well-developed characters, plotting which kept me interested in the story-line, and scenes which moved smoothly and flowed well, I found this a clean romance."
--Vera, Amazon review

 "I love books by Author Jo Huddleston. You can always know your getting a good sweet clean romance."
--D.L. Montgomery, Amazon review

"It was so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Really enjoyed this story... Can't wait for more from this author."
--Jbarr5, Amazon review

"Another great book by Jo Huddleston. I love her books always a great story and can always take something from them for a life lesson."
--D.L. Montgomery, Amazon review

"This is another enjoyable book by Jo Huddleston.... the plot is what draws you in."
--Victoria, Amazon review

"With Good Intentions is a wonderful romance story but also has deception!... Awesome story with wonderful characters. Another great book by Jo Huddleston."
--D.L. Montgomery, Amazon review

"Jo Huddleston created a sweet, clean, wholesome romance. Huddleston's talent and writing skill allow the reader to feel the emotion and attraction of her characters without the use of sex or foul language."
--Vera, Amazon review 

"Jo Huddleston brought a city boy and a small town girl together in a charming way. She continues to master her stories of enduring love with charm and humor."
--Marjorie, Amazon review

"With a heartpounding opening the book grabs your attention and never lets go. The author does an amazing job of describing a horrible situation with real emotion."
--Deana, Amazon review

"I appreciate the Christian influence in this sweet Southern romance set in 1952. I highly recommend this novel and look forward to others by this author." --Billie Kay, Amazon review

"I found the characters and story-line well-developed and the pace steady. This is a sweet clean well-written romance. I would not hesitate to buy this book for myself or a friend."
--Vera, Amazon review

"This is a beautiful story of second chances and healing from past hurts that God does bring in the lives of His children. This is one that I definitely recommend to the reader who enjoys a wonderful Christian romance."
--Ann E., Amazon review


 "I love the author's smooth writing style. She has a way to take readers back in time with her exquisite words that flow through the story." 
--Deana, Amazon review

"I loved this book, made me think of how much simpler the world was. I look forward to reading more by this author." 
--Linda, Amazon review

"I really enjoy this author's books, and this is another one from her that I certainly do recommend."
--Ann, Amazon review

"Jo Huddleston is a wonderful story teller. Don't miss this one!"
--Mel, Amazon review


"What a sweet Christian romance [Wait for Me]....The author writes an interesting story with great style.
--Joyful, Amazon review 

"What a wonderful romance [Wait for Me]... What a thoroughly neat story."
--Chris G., Amazon review

"I truly enjoyed "Wait For Me". Through out the whole book I kept thinking this would make a great movie.... The main character Julie is...beautiful character... Jo Huddleston wrote a very moving book."
--Pam L., Amazon review

"…young love and sweet romance from a simpler time [Wait for Me]…"
--Vickie P., Amazon review

"Jo Huddleston is a great story teller...truly enjoyed it [Wait for Me]."
--Patricia B., Amazon review

"I would definitely like to read more by this author [Wait for Me]."
--Heather, Amazon review

"...lovely Christian romance [Wait for Me]. This is a wonderful story from beginning to end."
--CGK, Amazon review

"...[Wait for Me] story grabs you from the start and doesn't let go."
--Mel, Amazon review

"Huddleston has developed clear, true-to-life characters [Wait for Me]."
--Jim C., Amazon review

"This [Wait for Me] is the first book I have read by this author, but I definitely look forward to reading more by her. This was a wonderful and heartwarming story."
--Ann E., Amazon review

"The novels that I have read that are penned by Jo Huddleston are sweet and clean romances... The story lines are well developed, the characters have dimension."
--Marianne, Amazon review 


"It [Trust Me] was a very good love story."
--Bev, Amazon review

"I am loving this series by Jo Huddleston...I love the characters they are very well written."
--D.L. Montgomery, Amazon review

"You will enjoy this sweet southern historical novel [Promise Me] about life in the 1950's in the West Virginia mountains. You will laugh with them and hurt with them."
--Stella Potts, Amazon review

"It's [Promise Me] well written, the characters are interesting, and I enjoyed reading it."
--E.M., Amazon review

"Enriching story...An excellent way to spend your time, and you feel good after you've read it!"
--Robin, Amazon review

"I really enjoyed the book Trust Me. I gave 5 stars because it had everything I want in a book. Wasn't preachy at all."
--Amazon customer, review


"I really enjoyed Promise Me... This is a great book."
--D.L. Montgomery, Amazon review

 "Have read all three books in this series and loved them all; would recommend if you like good clean Christian novel."
--Bev, Amazon review

"Sweet story! Sweet but not all sweet, plenty of conflict that will keep you turning the pages."
--Lillian K. Duncan, Amazon review 

"I just want to thank Jo for putting that redeeming story of God's pursuing love into her books [That Summer and Beyond the Past] and developing her characters in a way in which we the reader can really connect."
--Teela Young, Amazon review

"...your books [That Summer and  Beyond the Past] are great stories. And very uplifting."

 "Just finished an amazing book called That Summer. So much wisdom and guidance found in this book for my own life, but...many twist[s] and turns that keep your attention."

"Just finished reading That Summer and it was a 'can't put me down book.' Fabulous. Great story. Looking forward to more of the same."
--M C

"I LOVED THIS BOOK [That Summer]."
--Karen Lyons

"That Summer is a timeless story...You will laugh, cry, and rejoice about many incidents in the book; I know I did. I highly recommend this book to readers of all different genres. Go on. Pick it up and let it change your perspective. You will be glad that you did."
--Deanna, Amazon review

"I just finished reading That Summer. I loved it! Could not stop reading til the end!"

"I just finished That Summer. Oh my goodness what a great read!!.... I loved, loved, loved this book!"

"It [That Summer] is a book about life and death, winning and losing, forgiving and moving on, and most important, God's amazing love and how He gives us second chances--and third--and more... I was able to lose myself in the characters, to become one of them."
--Ann Knowles, Amazon review

"...how much I enjoyed "That Summer". I was so caught up in the story and I appreciate the way you provided the scriptural redemption message."
--Marilyn, Amazon review  


“[In Beyond the Past] I liked the courtroom angle for both Emmajean and Art. There's some romance as Jim and Caroline's relationship takes off and Emmajean meets someone. You might want to check it out if you like historical romances. I would definitely recommend reading these in order.”

 "Beyond the Past is a continuation of That Summer [in the Caney Creek Series] and is just as captivating as the first book... The characters and story are realistic and the situations presented are much like many of our lives today...we can step beyond the past by letting Jesus take our past and make something out of it... If you have not read the first book, That Summer, you should do so today. These stories will enrich your life..."
--Deanna Mundy

"Read Book 2 [Beyond the Past] of Caney Creek series today - really enjoyed it!! Looking forward to the final book."

"...interesting story [Beyond the Past] about the impact our choices can make on our life and the lives of others... This was a fast-paced novel that kept my attention!"
--Veronica Sternberg

"This book [Beyond the Past] brings together what family is all about... I can't wait for Book 3 to be published!"
--Judy Strunk Burgi

"I finished the book [Beyond the Past] yesterday and enjoyed it so much... Thank you for lots of pleasant hours of reading."

"It [Claiming Peace] is another story about faith and family, living and growing together, and sharing each others burdens. While they never forget the good times of the past---or the difficult times---they nevertheless continue to look forward to the good things God has in store for them in the future."
--Ann Knowles

"A great series! Loved all three books!"
--Wanda3rd, Amazon review

"This book and this series has been one of the best I have ever read... My thanks to author Jo Huddleston who has created a unique story that has filled many hours of mine and took me thru so many emotions."
--Meljan, Amazon review

"This novel pulled me in at the beginning; after following the family through the first two novels, it was like visiting old friends."
--Mama Cat, Amazon review 

"I have fallen in love with this series and this family."
--Calliegh, Amazon 5-star Review

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this series... I am looking forward to reading more from this author."
--Kindle Reader, Amazon review

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