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Wait for Me
A Sweet Southern Historical Romance
Book 1 in The West Virginia Mountains Series

"Jo Huddleston’s characters come to life as does this sweet and wonderful mid-century love story about two young people who come from different spectrums of society. Julie’s mother, a rather snobbish socialite, has her mind set on Julie marrying someone of wealth and prominence; however, what Julie’s heart dictates regarding the man with whom she’s falling in love, Robby, a coal miner’s son, and what her mother deems acceptable by no means match up. This author writes with colorful detail, setting us body and soul into the story. This is the first in a series titled 'West Virginia Mountains.' I already look forward to the subsequent installments."
~Sharlene MacLaren, Award-Winning Author & Speaker. Sixteen published novels, including her two most recent historical series, “Tennessee Dreams” and “River of Hope.”

"Wait for Me is a feel good story about young love. It reminds the reader that God works all things out in His time and in His way. This book will encourage young people to wait on God to orchestrate their love. I recommend this book for older teens."
~Linda Rondeau, author of It Really IS a Wonderful Life and A Father's Prayer.

"Wait for Me by Jo Huddleston is a sweet romance set in the hills and coal mines of West Virginia. The story takes us back to the simpler and more innocent times of the 1950s. A time before the world began to move so fast. I enjoyed Julie and Robby’s story of young love. You will too."
~Sharon Srock, author of the “Women of Valley View” series. Callie, Terri, Pam, and Samantha.

"I don’t often read historical books, but this one caught my attention. Underlying the romance of two young people was the great divide that existed seventy-five years ago between the coal miners and those who owned and ran the mines. Julie is the privileged daughter of the family who owned mines; Robby is the son and grandson of miners. The book tells of their attempt to cross this divide.

"Nothing is easy for Julie. Even when at college, tragedy follows her. Huddleston has developed clear, true-to-life characters, not only for the young couple, but also for the girl’s mother and father. You will develop strong feelings for the characters in WAIT FOR ME. And that’s what makes me recommend this book, particularly for those who like historical romances."
~James Callan, author of Over My Dead Body, the second Father Frank Mystery.

Trust Me
A Sweet Southern Historical Romance
Book 2 in the West Virginia Mountains Series

"Trust Me, a historical romance novel written by Jo Huddleston, is the second book in her West Virginia Mountain series. It's well written, the characters are interesting, and I enjoyed reading it."
~E. M. Bandy, 5-Star Amazon Review

"Sweet Christian Historical Romance set in [1960]. Issues of trust are all through the book. Enriching story. Strong faith and learning to pray and trust God come into play all throughout the story. An excellent way to spend your time, and you feel good after you've read it!"
~Robin Ennis Willson, 5-Star Amazon Review

"I really enjoyed the book Trust Me. I gave 5 stars because it had everything I want in a book. Jo's book shows how to learn to leave the past behind. Learn to trust and most of all learn to love God again. Wasn't preachy at all. I also enjoyed reading a book set in the sixties."
~Amazon Customer, 5-Star Amazon Review

Promise Me
A Sweet Southern Historical Romance
Book 3 in the West Virginia Mountains Series

"The style of Jo Huddleston's writing pulls you in at the very beginning of the story and you find yourself making an immediate connection with the characters. Jo I such a talented and gifted writer. I'm looking forward to reading more and more of her books."
~Debra Lynn Collins, best-selling author of A Marriage of Convenience

"Once again Jo Huddleston has captured perfectly the emotions of her characters in this sweet romance set in the Vietnam War era. I was swept along as Patrick struggled with wanting to serve his country in the face of the war, and I understood Adriana's fear that he might not return. Huddleston has penned a wonderful storythat draws you in to the innocent, yet turbulent time of the early sixties."
~Patricia Bradley, author of the Logan Point series and two Harlequin Heartwarming romances

In Promise Me, Huddleston doesn't just tell a story, she transports you to a past era. Every word she uses paints a picture of another time--a simpler time. This is the perfect story for a hot summer day or a cold winter's night.
~Lillian Duncan, author of Deadly Communication series

"I have a soft spot for stories that take place during pivotal moments in our nation's history, and Jo Huddleston's latest release certainly fits that bill. Set in 1960, Promise Me carried me back to a time when the long-established framework of society seemed to be giving way to an era of uncertainty and turmoil. A time when questions abounded, including the one faced by the characters of Promise Me: Is a promise still binding in such an atmosphere of upheaval, when all the old rules seem to be fading away?
~Carol Cox, author of Truth Be Told, A Woman's Place, and Danielle

That Summer
A Sweet Southern Historical Romance
Book 1 in the Caney Creek Series

"Sweeping from the early days of the Great Depression to the 1950s, Jo Huddleston's debut novel is a memorable story of the heartbreak and happiness one man encounters as he struggles to find the true meaning of faith and family."
~Amanda Cabot, author of Waiting for Spring

"As surely as Caney Creek runs through the town, the story of That Summer swept me back to the pre-depression era, a time of home and opportunity. Following Jim's ambitions, this book examines the effects of following self versus following God and the sometimes maddening, sometimes inspiring results."
~Christina Berry, award-winning author of The Familiar Stranger

"A compelling and poignant tale with characters destined to capture your heart."
~Laurie Alice Eakes, author of Choices of the Heart

"That Summer is a wonderful romance set in the Southern Appalachians during the Great Depression. Jo Huddleston understands the people of that time and place so well she pulled me right into the story and didn't let me go until the end. Highly recommended!"
~Cara Lynn James, author of Love on a Dime and A Path Toward Love 

A Sweet Southern Historical Romance
Book 2 in the Caney Creek Series

"Pack your bags for an intriguing trip to a small southern town during an era when life moved at a slower pace. Huddleston's writing will be a place you'll want to return to again and again."
~Deborah Malone, author of Death in Dahlonega and Murder in Marietta

“Beyond the Past is a sweet and gentle—yet compelling—story of family, faith, forgiveness and restoration. I enjoyed it!”
~Ann Tatlock, award-winning author of Sweet Mercy

“Written with Southern grace and charm, Beyond the Past reminds us that even in heartache there is hope and redemption.”
~Alice J. Wisler, award-winning author of Rain Song and How Sweet It Is

Claiming Peace
A Sweet Southern Historical Romance
Book 3 in the Caney Creek Series

"In Claiming Peace, Jo Huddleston paints a vivid picture of small-town life and burgeoning Southern romance using a palette of love, sadness, loss, and triumph. With masterful brush strokes, she creates a striking, colorful portrait of characters and events that will linger in both the mind and heart long after the last page is turned.  I highly recommend this latest entry in the Caney Creek series."
~Jason Brannon, author of The Maze

"Jo Huddleston's Claiming Peace is as refreshing as a tall glass of southern sweet tea shared with friends on the front porch swing. You're going to love this poignant story of family, romance and unconditional love."
~Karla Akins, author of The Pastor's Wife Wears Biker Boots

"Ms. Huddleston has written a wonderful little book of simple prayers. Reading through the prayers from aging and anger to weakness and worldliness is almost like talking to God. This is a book that I find myself coming back to again and again. I especially found the prayer on depression and the two on gossip very helpful. And I must say, I really needed help in the gossip department. All in all,  I think this book has helped make me a better person."
~Ann Hoffman, Amazon 5-Star review.

"Jo Huddleston's Good Morning prayers are a beautiful way to begin your day. Use this book to open a conversation with God as you rise; Jo's book can really spur you in the right direction, or even give you inspiration to speak to God all day long. I love this book and I hope you do too!"

"This book has been a real blessing to me. I open the book at random every day, and no matter what prayer I read, there is something in it to inspire, help, or encourage me."
~Rebecca Willman Gernon, Amazon 5-Star review.

Amen and Good Night, God:
A Book of Evening Prayers

"This is a wonderful devotional to end your day by giving all your burdens over to the Lord. This book is something I think I will continue to use always.  Jo shares prayers for just about everything we can experience throughout our day. Some of the categories are: Anxiety, Bitterness, Criticism, Despair, Envy, Fear, Parenting, Grandparenting, Loneliness, Love, Money, Praise, Pride, Salvation, Temptation, Worry, and much more. You don't have to go in order by page. You can pick a topic that you are dealing with that day and recite that prayer to the Lord. Each prayer is genuine and heartfelt. You can sense Jo's humility and sincerity in each prayer, which helps you make that prayer your own. I highly recommend this inspiring devotional to all seeking to end their day the right way, in fellowship with the Lord!"
~Amanda Beth, author of You Can Have a Happy Family, Amazon 5-Star review.

"These prayers deal with down-to-earth concerns. Quite frankly, these words provide inspiration at its highest level inasmuch as these prayers are simple, honest longings from the heart."
~Dr. Walter G. Nunn, The Alabama Baptist

"Oh, how refreshing and wonderful these prayer prompts are after a long day's work. Huddleston has categorized and arranged the prayers in a helpful way, so that however I'm feeling that night, or based on what bothered me most during the day, I can find appropriate prayer there to help me express myself to God. A wonderful devotional too."
~Ellen C. Maze, Amazon 5-Star review.

"Once again, Jo Huddleston writes a book that pulls at the heart-strings of life. Amen and Good Night, God: A Book of Evening Prayers speaks of feelings common to all readers. Evening prayer recaps the stress and routine of daily life and hands them all over to God. Huddleston writes of how housecleaning and sweeping out the cobwebs of life gives us strength for the morning. Readers will gain insight into how evening prayers help us grow as Christians."
~Carolyn Tomlin, co-author of The Secret Holocaust Diaries: The Untold Story of Nonna Bannister. Amazon 5-Star review.

Praising God's Greatness

“‘His Awesome Majesty’ is a delightful and engaging work containing 70 conversational, devotional thoughts about God’s splendor. The volume focuses on knowing God personally and points the reader to God’s unlimited resources. Primarily for women, the author’s insights highlight themes such as perspective, commitment, provision and relationships.”
~Dr. Walter G. Nunn, The Alabama Baptist

"Jo Huddleston takes a refreshing and healthy look at the virtues and lessons we learned from our past. The chapters on courage and patriotism show us that we can better understand the problems of the present, and be prepared for the future if we take the time to apply the wisdom learned from our past."
~Bob Riley, former Governor of Alabama

"A challenging, inspiring vision for America. Jo Huddleston's easy style of writing and her art of persuasion make readers of this inspiring work reflect on their lives with rededication and appreciation for the past. This excellent work can become a cornerstone for our homes, our cities and our country. This book is the hard rock of ethical values."
~T.D. (Ted) Little, former Alabama State Senator

"Jo Huddleston has authored a book that will inspire those who cherish simple truths, warm family relations, love of country, codes of honor, moral high ground, neighbors, friendliness, and obedience to God. A beautiful upbeat message that speaks to the heart."
~Jim Russell, Founder, The Amy Foundation

"Jo Huddleston has produced a quite frank and challenging book, which highlights the virtues and lessons from our past. This book is informative, challenging and highly inspirational."
~Dr. Walter G. Nunn, The Alabama Baptist

"Jo Huddleston brings us a very apropos and timely book on the State of the Nation...very moving, practical, and patriotic."
~Ellen C. Maze, The Author's Mentor

Also from Ellen C. Maze: "This book is right on target with so many issues clouding the senses today through biased media and political vernacular. Our polarized citizenry grows more and more separate every day, and this book helps look at the subject using history to better see our  possible future--and gives us awareness of our need for (the correct) change. Well done, Mrs. Huddleston."
~Ellen C. Maze, The Author's Mentor

"Jo Huddleston's book, America: Her Hope for the Future reinforces the best of our country. Like a text of memories, we are drawn into the love of country, family, community, and church. It's filled with simple truths that never go out of style, yet provides hope for the future. I was especially inspired by the chapter on 'Treasures of the Heart' that asked 'what would you do with a million dollars?' Huddleston writes, 'When we look back on our lives, I wouldn't trade places with anyone. Because to get something you sometimes have to give up something else to make room for it.' So true."
~Carolyn Tomlin, author of What I Wish I'd Known Sooner: Parents and Teachers."